Mail Call for 5/31

May 31, 2000

"To the residents of Crestview Development of Boonsboro. Get real. Cats run loose all the time. I resent being reported to the Humane Society for my cat, which was a wild cat, roaming freely. I spent money to make sure it is at least healthy."

"Happy 12th birthday, Nell Marie Jordan. I love you very much. Love, Mom."

"I attended the budget hearing Tuesday at Hagerstown Community College because of my current concerns about the stadium issues. Many of those who spoke were concerned about funds for education. I never paid much attention to the school issue because I have no children, but the concerns of those who spoke, sounded valid to me. Now I read in Thursday's paper, that commissioner Swartz and Iseminger said that they weren't swayed by the statements at the hearing. These hearings were held so the commissioners could get ideas of how the people felt about these issues and now they are not swayed by the voice of the majority. Why waste our time at these hearings if the commissioners aren't going to heed the will of the people?"


"To the man at Potomac Towers that had all the complaints. If you don't like living here, why don't you just pack your bags and move out?"

"I just read the comic section in Saturday's paper. What a beautiful tribute to Charles Schulz."

"Will the person who bought my glider please call and make arrangements for picking it up. My number is 301-739-5642."

"My observation of driving on Interstate 70 and 81 is, if people would slow down to the posted speed limit, our gas prices would surely decrease and everybody would benefit."

"I have lost a 14-karat gold bracelet. If anyone found it, give me a call at 301-432-5580. It was lost in the Hagerstown area."

"To the person who needed quart jars at the yard sale on May 5 and 6. I have more."

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