Mail Call for 5/25

May 25, 2000

"I know you read and enjoy Mail Call, so what a better way to wish you a happy 25th anniversary. Joe and Shirley, as a longtime friend, here is saying to you, hope you have 25 more. Have a great day."

"I am calling to say thanks to the officers that came to Springfield Middle School and taught us about Drug Abuse Resistance Education."

"I want to congratulate the students at Paramount Elementary School for winning four titles out of six at the track meet and also four first-place trophies. Plus all of the ribbons they won. I think they did a wonderful job."

"I am calling in reference to the person who said she wishes they would use our tax money for use of the new stadium and so forth. I would like to see the tax money put into the hands of the County Commissioners so they could give the Commission on Aging Senior Aides Program the money so we can operate and wait on the seniors that cannot get out and do their own shopping and housekeeping."


"I wanted to make some comments on the county budget. I am all for increasing school spending. But why do we need a tax increase? We have automatic increases every year. Property values have soared over the past three years. Wages have gone up, but not enough, that would increase the piggy-back tax. With all the commercial and residential developments going, that should be bringing in good tax revenues."

"It is disappointing to see a mother had left a 1-year-old toddler alone for several hours in a locked apartment. Judge Beachley gave her a suspended 30-day sentence. The punishment does not fit the crime."

"I was wondering if there was a hiking club in this area?"

"I think the police are doing a good job on cracking down on the speeders and people who run red lights. I would still like them to pay more attention to the people up here around Salem Avenue School, especially Key Avenue and Delaware Lane. People are still running that stop sign and they are traveling on the wrong side of the road, so they don't have to walk across the street with them."

"This is Charles at Potomac Towers. In two years that I have been here, the Hagerstown Housing Authority has done nothing. We are not allowed to sit on the benches unless we are waiting on someone and the water fountains have been busted for two months. Let me tell you, they have done absolutely nothing."

"To the workman who found my change purse last week on Cyprus Street and turned it in to Gordon's Grocery. Thanks for your honesty. It is the first place I checked and I found it."

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