Pool and park do's and don'ts

May 25, 2000


- Check the pool rules to find out if swimmers can wear anything other than bathing suits. Some pools ban cut-offs and other nonswim attire. Avoid swimsuits that are too revealing.

- Dress babies in plastic pants or leak-proof diapers designed for swimming.

- Shower and use the bathroom before going into the pool.

- Keep young children within reach and supervise older children.

- Use empty chairs or "beach" spots only. Make sure someone has left before moving in to their spot.

- Reserve a pavilion if you plan to use one. If you haven't reserved a pavilion, check park rules regarding use policy. Some parks allow use without a reservation but require squatters to vacate the pavilion if someone with a reservation shows up.

- Leave the park or pool area as you found it. Clean off picnic tables after use and remove all trash. Take your trash with you or dispose of it in trash receptacles.



- Run in the pool area or engage in horseplay. Make sure children who you are supervising don't do these things.

- Bring glass containers to the pool. Check the pool rules to find out if food or beverages are allowed at the pool. Some pools with concession service don't allow pool-goers to bring their own refreshments.

- Bring alcohol to a public pool or park.

- Bring floats, balls or other toys to the pool.

- Urinate in the pool.

- Infringe on someone else's space. If someone has their things on a chair or picnic table or has laid out a blanket, find another space.

- Ask to use a grill another group is using or has obviously staked out. Find another one.

- Step on someone else's blanket, towel or other stuff.

- Bring valuables. If you do, don't leave them unattended.

- Bring a dog to a park without checking the park rules first. Dogs are banned from many but not all area parks.

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