Mail Call for 5/23

May 23, 2000

"I am calling to say thank you to Jennifer Silbert for writing such a wonderful article about our mother, 'A Tribute to Mother,' which was in the evening paper of Tuesday, May 9. We were so honored and touched to have our mother remembered this way. She was truly deserving of it and, Jennifer, mother would have loved it, too. Thanks to all of you who called in about the article."

"I never knew that so many people think that having sex on TV is so wonderful. I think it is sick and there has to be something wrong with the people that think this. The privacy of your home is for this and not in public. It is no wonder the kids are getting so bad and 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds are going out and having babies and running out and having sex. I think it is terrible."

"I agree with the call in the paper about the lady who had the grass in the yard next door and the city would not do anything about it. It is the same way here on Belview Avenue. People moved out and the grass is 2-foot-high. I have also called the city and have not been able to get any response."


"I am calling about the bridge on Mount Aetna Road, by the old power plant. I am one of the many people that have called about it and they said they were going to fix it. When are they going to fix it? It is terrible to ride across there. It is like shaking your teeth out of your mouth. It is really rough and dangerous. I wish they would soon look at it."

"This is about the article and the NRA and the Sportsmen's Clubs getting together. That was supposed to be a pro-gun march, not an anti-gun march."

"Someone said that the government should sweep the streets instead of private citizens. I would like to know why they think that our tax money should be used that way? I would like to see our tax money used for a new stadium and so forth. I don't think it kills us citizens to clean up our area a little bit."

"I went to City Park to take my mother to watch the ducks. We really enjoyed going to the park and watching the ducks on the lake. While we were there, however, there was a woman with a dog and the dog was running after a mother duck with little ducklings, which could not fly. The dog was running them from one end of the park to the other. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Why is this woman allowed to have this dog here running these ducks away? That is the last time I will go to that park. My mother was so upset I had to leave."

"I just wanted to say thanks to my mom for everything she does. She has always given me courage, self esteem and kindness and love. She has taught me to stand up for myself and what I believe in. She is more than my mother, she is my best friend. She is my heart, my soul, my pride and she is my mother. Thanks, mom. I love you, your daughter, Ashley."

"Will the man who bought the grill and the flower pots at my garage sale on Saturday, please call me at 301-733-3247."

"We have received so much rain lately, I wish someone would call these cloudseeding planes. Enough already."

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