Boat registration will be faster

May 21, 2000

Boat buyers now have a faster and more convenient way to register their vessels with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

For a $45 fee, Frederick Street Title and Tag Service will save someone the hassle of filling out the required paperwork.

For the last five years, people who buy boats privately have had to correspond by mail or in person with the nearest DNR Service Center, which is in Cumberland, Md.

If you buy a boat from a dealer, the dealership will take care of the paperwork, according to the DNR.

Pat Boden used to offer the service when she had her own business, Pat's Title and Tag, but no one locally took her place when she closed the business five years ago, the DNR confirmed.


The need for the service is growing with the popularity of boating, especially on the Potomac River, said Allen Stone, owner of Frederick Street Title and Tag.

It will take three to five days to complete a registration. But customers who are willing to pay a premium can get an overnight turnaround.

"We're going to cater to the public to get it taken care of," Stone said.

According to the DNR, commercial and recreational vessels must be registered within 30 days of purchase if they are equipped with any kind of mechanical propulsion, not currently registered with the U.S. Coast Guard and are being used principally in Maryland.

- Laura Ernde

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