Survey helps plan campus

May 19, 2000|By SCOTT BUTKI

The University System of Maryland wants people living and working in Washington County to fill out a survey so they can better plan for the Hagerstown Education Center.

The more people who fill out the survey, the better the information the system has as it plans the building, said Charles R. Middleton, vice chancellor of academic affairs for the University System of Maryland.

He said the survey results will be useful as plans are made for the campus, which will be built at the Baldwin House Complex.

For example, if the survey shows a great need for classes using mainframe computers, it would be helpful to know that now, Middleton said. That would result in a different campus design than if there was, for example, a big demand for poetry classes, he said.


People have about eight weeks to fill out the survey, he said.

It won't be until much closer to the opening of the campus that decisions will be made about which classes will be offered, when and by what specific system colleges, Middleton said.

Work on the Hagerstown education center is expected to be finished in late 2003, with the first classes to be offered in the spring semester of 2004.

A structural analysis report containing recommendations on whether the Baldwin House Complex should be renovated or demolished is completed, but its contents have not been made public.

The survey is accessible by the Internet at the Hagerstown-Washington County Economic Development Commission web page,, and the Washington County Public Library page,

Copies of the survey can also be picked up at the offices of the EDC at the County Administration Building and at the Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce.

Copies can also be obtained by calling campus project director Robert Sweeney at 301-393-8003.

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