Pa. school's bid for track results in new computers

May 18, 2000|By DON AINES

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - An effort to secure funding for a new high school track means that fourth- and fifth-graders in the Greencastle-Antrim School District will have a dozen computers in every classroom next year, according to Superintendent P. Duff Rearick.

"It actually began as a discussion for a new track," Superintendent P. Duff Rearick said Thursday.

With the help of State Rep. Pat Fleagle, R-Franklin, the district prepared an application for a Pennsylvania State Demonstration Grant, Rearick said.

That grant was denied, but "We rewrote it as a demonstration grant for technology," he said. The result was the purchase of more than 200 computers at about $800 each to use in the elementary school classes.

Rearick said the purchase of the computers was part of the district's Schools of the Future program and was to be paid for out of the general operating fund. The grant, which includes the purchase of software, allows the 18 fourth- and fifth-grade classes to become demonstration sites for elementary school computer technology.


"We're experimenting with two classrooms of laptop computers," Rearick said.

He said the district will determine whether laptops rather than PCs are suitable for use by elementary school students.

The grant was received several months ago and the new computers will be ready when the 2000-2001 school year begins.

The district will not have to go without a new track. Because the grant for the computers came through, Rearick said the district is paying for the track out of the general operating budget.

The track, which will cost about $300,000, is being installed this summer, Rearick said.

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