Mail Call for 5/18

May 18, 2000

"I wanted to wish my grandson Jimmy a happy 12th birthday. Thanks a lot, Jimmy, for everything you have done to help grandma through these hard times. Have a good day."

"I am calling to congratulate Laura Munson because she is the hardest worker at Freddie's on Frederick Street. Laura, keep up the good work."

"I am calling in reference to those who have loved ones buried at Rest Haven and have been complaining about the deer eating their flowers. Notify the people there and have them stop feeding them. That is the only reason they are there because they are being fed. Otherwise, they don't go to cemeteries just to eat flowers."

"I would like to wish my daughter Gidget a happy 33rd birthday on May 18. Love, mom."

"I want to know what you have to do around Hagerstown to get the city to answer, why someone is not cutting their grass? We live out here on View Street. We spend a lot of money on our lawns and when someone moves out of a house and nobody knows what is going on. We can't even get the city to come down and look at it. We have seen snakes and God knows what else is living in there. Why raise taxes and have to live like the neighborhood is going downhill. This is ridiculous. I have already called the city and complained. Who do I go to next?"


"I graduated from Williamsport High School in 1990 and our 10- year reunion should be coming up. Can anyone tell me if there is going to be a reunion, if so, who to contact about it?"

"To the person who called regarding the scene of two adults making love on 'NYPD Blue.' I too, have been a viewer of the show since it came on. I feel that it has been and still is the best show on TV. I don't know where this person is coming from because this is definitely not the first love scene on the show. Was it because it was a racially-mixed couple? Get over it. Turn channels or turn your TV off."

"I am trying to get my two children into modeling and commercials. I was wondering if anyone out there has any numbers or me to call?"

"Lost, yellow male tabby cat in the Outer Drive-Carroll Heights area. The cat is approximately two years old, it is fixed and has its shots up until August. Offering reward if found. Please call 301-790-0720. The cat is definitely a part of the family."

"I want to wish my grandmother Darlene a happy birthday on May 18. I want to thank her for being a wonderful grandmother. Love, your granddaughter, Jessica."

"I think they should keep the Clear Spring Middle School Band because I am a student there and I like band and I want to march."

"Does anyone know the best way to keep flies out of your house or apartment?"

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