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Blast from the Past

May 17, 2000

Week of May 14, 1950

A half dozen downtown street blocks will be given a soap and water bath by members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Sunday morning.

A soap company is furnishing a large quantity of soap powder and fire department hoses will be used to rinse the streets.

Two old letters, one written in 1841, the other in 1850, were found this week by Lewis Ripple of South Prospect Street, grandson of the author, Elizabeth Ann Newcomer.


The letters were sent before stamps were used. Each cost 12 1/2 cents to send by stagecoach. The ink used has not faded.

Students eligible to graduate from high school in Washington County this year number 598. Hagerstown High School will graduate 394 of that total.

Week of May 14, 1975

If America was an animal farm, Washington County residents would surely fill the guinea pig cage.

In fact, they have been guinea pigs in about 300 medical studies since 1922 - "clearly more than the average community" - according to Johns Hopkins Training Center for Public Health Research at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave.

An 18-hole golf course is one of the proposed projects being considered for the new county park at the former Ditto farm on Mt. Aetna Road. Also being considered are picnic facilities, sports areas, nature trails, a swimming pool and maybe even a lake, for the 311-acre park.

June 9 will be the big day for 1,538 seniors in Washington County's seven public high schools.

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