Mail Call for 5/17

May 17, 2000

"History really does repeat itself. About 100 years ago a group of women banded together in this country with a single-minded cause. Then as now they demanded social change and Prohibition was born. I hope Congress can see through this historical attempt for more anti-gun laws and do the right thing."

"I am calling about the person calling about the 'NYPD Blue' episode on May 9. If you don't want your kids to watch it, just turn it off. Does anyone know when the episode is going to show the re-run, because I missed it and I want to see it."

"If the mayor of Hagerstown wants to increase the city's tax base, why doesn't he annex the Fountain Head and Spring Valley developments? Then he could put a Super Wal-Mart on the farm that is for sale across from Paramount School."

"I am calling in reference to the person in mail call about the 'NYPD Blue' episode. I have too been watching it since it has come on the air. I enjoyed that episode and I think it is one of the best episodes they have done in a long time. I am an adult, most of my friends and the people I know who have children and being a school night are usually in bed by 10 p.m. That is when I watch the TV. If you have a problem with this, change the channel, turn the TV off and read a book. Do something, don't watch. It is your choice, you don't have to watch it, but there are some people that do enjoy it and I am one of them."


"I was wondering where I can get some carbon paper? I am getting up there in years and I don't have a computer with printer. I am still using the old method of typing and everything. I have checked all of the stationery stores. The number to call is 301-733-7711 between 6 and 8 p.m."

"To the person who called in about 'NYPD Blue.' There is a way that you can prevent this, turn the TV off. You can control anything that you want. However, you can't control the TV in my house, just control yours."

"I am calling to commend the young woman that works at the Resh Road office for her outstanding service. I was out there on Saturday to have my permit recertified. She seemed to be doing three jobs at one time and doing them confidently, efficiently and with a great deal of politeness towards everyone she came in contact with. Thanks."

"Someone called about the 'NYPD Blue' May 9 episode being very disgusting. They were wondering what to do to keep that type of viewing off the TV. Have you ever heard of the off button or changing the channel? There is nothing forcing you to watch this type of program."

"About the person watching the May 9 episode of 'NYPD Blue.' That program comes on at 10 p.m. If you have young children, why are you allowing them to stay up that late and watch that type of adult program? Young children should be in bed by 10 p.m."

"Who is going to own the stadium once it is built? Since the government is going to contribute to it, who is going to own it?"

"This is in response to the person who wrote in about 'NYPD Blue.' If you don't like the program, do the sensible thing and turn it off. But let those of us who like to watch the program and are adults, enjoy it."

"To the lady who was on AppleTree Lane in Williamsport this past Friday and bought some clothes. She left them sit and she could stop by 10619 Apple Tree Lane. We have them here at the house."

"This message is for the nice, wonderful, friendly woman who greets you in the emergency room, her name is Nancy. The woman who used to greet you at the front desk, was probably Bernice. She is no longer there, because she retired. They were both very nice ladies. I know them both."

"I hope everyone enjoyed the flowering pear trees in the square because I understand that they are going to be cut down. Who is running this city, the Chamber of Commerce?"

"I am very disappointed that you never see anything about drag racing in the paper or on the news."

"I was out at the kids' yard sale on Saturday at Robinwood. My little granddaughter had sat on a curb and left her pocket book on the curb. We went back later and someone had turned it in. We really appreciate and want to thank the person who turned it in. It had her lipstick in it and some money. Thank you."

"Someone called in to Mail Call commending Jennifer Silbert for writing a story entitled 'A Tribute To Mother.' I am interested in knowing what section of the paper it was in, so I could read it for myself. Please call back in and let me know where and when it was in."

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