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Letters to the Editor 5/18

May 17, 2000

The Tory Herald

To the editor:

To: Bob Maginnis

Re: "Schools must stress quality, not dollars"

Remember the "patriots" (County Commissioner William Wivell/Phillips) ultimately prevailed in the American Revolution. The "British" (BOE) were on the wrong side of the societal/cultural/political issues.

Unfortunately, The Herald-Mail remains firmly entrenched in the "Tory" camp, preferring the status quo by recommending BOE merely "stress quality" but refusing to back the substantive change required to achieve quality.


Only a minority of the population (33 percent) supported the American Revolution. Unfortunately in that day the Fourth Estate largely sided with the British, favoring safety and security over freedom from oppressive rule.

Paradigm shift: There is a big difference between a quality assurance program that measures performance and "stressing quality." One has "accountability," the other has "appearance."

Harold Phillips

Clear Spring

Let's become West Virginians

To the editor:

Some time ago, I wrote a letter to the editor complaining about King Parris' arrogance and downright meanness toward the needs and wants of the people of the western counties of this state. We certainly did not vote to elect him and our representatives to the state legislation got the worst of his ire when they tried to convey the feelings of their constituents in rejecting Glendening's ultra-liberal agenda.

Since we have not been able to sway the voters of Baltimore County and the Washington suburbs and surrounding areas to see things our way, we have only one alternative left: Secede from the State of Maryland and form our own West Maryland made up of the counties of Frederick, Washington, Allegany and Garrett. If the counties of the Eastern Shore have the same complaints, they could form East Maryland in that region. Or, maybe we can join West Virginia and they can join Delaware!

West Virginia did it to Virginia and our great country fought a revolution to get away from the rule of the English monarchy. I don't advocate a violent revolution - we couldn't get our guns unlocked in time, anyway - but we need to send a message to our politicians that it is their job to consider the wishes of all the people not just the ones who help steal elections.

C.A. Belella


Precious memories

To the editor:

I am a former resident of Boonsboro. I wrote a book "Precious Memories from Boonsboro Mountain" and described that town as it was then, in the 1930s and 40s, (a true story). I am so proud to know that it is the same wonderful town today.

In reading the article in the Daily Mail, Thursday, May 4, titled, "Boonsboro to expand offerings at Shafer Park," I see that town to be an all American example of success in the leadership of the mayor and town council. Not only do they manage their finances wisely but it is very important to them that the residents share in the decisions.

They are not draining the people with taxes, yet that small town just voted to spend $600,000 for 46 acres of farmland from the Bradon King farm, "for the people to decide what to use it for."

The town also acquired a five-acre Maryland state right-of-way which connects to the above property costing $4,900.

Then, God bless our good resident, Albert Sinnisen who (get this) deeded the town six acres from his farm to connect the King land to Boonsboro's Shafer Park. A good example of Boonsboro people's loyalty to each other and their town.

Councilman Richard Hawkins said, "We decided we wanted to preserve that land for the residents of Boonsboro and South County."

This sure sounds like Boonsboro, my home town. A government for the people and by the people, which leads me to my last statement. I'm glad that I told it like it is in Boonsboro in "Precious Memories."

Catherine Reese Newcomer


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