Student essays give advice for extending life of landfill

May 16, 2000|By SCOTT BUTKI

Washington County has received some advice, through a student essay writing contest, on how to make the new landfill last longer.

The winners of a contest on that theme were announced Tuesday. There were 219 entries.

It was the first year for the contest, which was sponsored by the county and Dairy Queen.

The Forty West Landfill, which has an expected life of 80 years, is to open around December 2000.

The Dairy Queen on Dual Highway gave a $200 savings bond to the best essay writer in each age category and $100 to the school that the student attends.

The winners and finalist in each category were:

Ages 9-11: Winner, Laura Canfield of Clear Spring Elementary School. Finalists, Beth Plume of Fountaindale Elementary School and Laura Farnen of Potomac Heights Elementary School.


Age 12-14: Winner, Ashley Tyler of Northern Middle/Senior High School. Finalists, Mia Hornbaker of Hancock Middle/Senior High School and Jennifer Miller of Hancock.

Ages 15-18 category: Winner, Rhonda Needham of Highland View Academy. Finalists, Cassie Iskra and Chris Benigni, both of Highland View Academy.

Following are excerpts from each of the winning entries:

Canfield: "I am going to tell you how to make our landfill last longer. The best way to make our landfills last longer is by doing the three Rs. The three R's are reduce, reuse and recycle." Residents should, for example, use cloth rags instead of paper towels, she advised.

Tyler: " The average citizen is not the only one who should be held responsible for the landfill. Schools and businesses should do their part also. I feel the biggest responsibility the school has is to inform and educate their students about waste management. They can do this through field trips, videos and projects."

Needham: "In my opinion there is no excuse for the tons of recyclable material going to the landfill. Everyone needs to be responsible by collecting his or her own recyclables."

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