Mail Call for 5/15

May 15, 2000

"The Clintons have to be the luckiest family in the country. We all know what Bill survived with the Monica thing. Now, Hillary is walking under the same silver-lined cloud that was protecting her husband. She runs for the Senate seat in New York against Rudy Guiliani and the next thing you know, Rudy announces he has prostate cancer and then he reveals all the marital problems he's having. What's next? Why don't they just give the Senate seat to Hillary? And I thought she was trying to escape from Washington, D.C."

"I am calling about all of these mopeds running up and down Virginia Avenue without a muffler on them and they just make a terrible noise. You can't even hear yourself think. You can hear them going for miles and you can hear them coming for miles. I think the police should come to Virginia Avenue and check on these things. If I ran up and down here without a muffler on my car they would get after me and there is no reason why the mopeds should be allowed to do it."


"I want to make a movie and I wanted to know if I could get a half a million dollar line of credit from any bank in Hagerstown."

"I am calling about the City Light people, they are up here between Freemont and Mechanic. They have been here all day and we are without lights and no air conditioner. Please try to get the city to do something for the citizens. I would appreciate it."

"I am calling in regards to an article written by Jennifer Silbert in The Daily Mail, 'A Tribute To Mother.' This was one of the best I have ever read. This is a remarkable woman and her children as well. This story really moved me. I had a wonderful mother also, but she didn't have near the family this lady had. I know her family celebrated Mother's Day with great pride. Keep up the good writing, Jennifer."

"I have been watching the TV program 'NYPD Blue' on ABC since it started several years ago. The May 9 episode was very disgusting. At the end they showed a man and woman nude having a sexual encounter. We are trying to teach our children the correct things regarding sex. This program has no way of helping us with our problems. How can we keep this type of viewing off of our TV? Please reply if you have any suggestions on what steps we can take to prevent this."

"This is concerning the person who called in about the warm and friendly greeting that used to be at the front desk of the hospital. If that person would like to get a really warm and friendly greeting, go around to the Emergency Room greeter. That lady is wonderful, I have been there recently. That lady will do anything to help you out, even if you aren't going to the emergency department. She is fantastic. There has been a lot of changes out there but thank goodness this lady is still there. Thank you to her also."

"Kindness goes a long way, open the door and say hello. When a friend is sick, it only takes a few minutes to call, stop by or say 'how are you doing today', 'do you need anything from the store.' Make someone smile with a little kindness, especially when that sick person could not get out of the house. Your thoughtfulness to a sick and helpless person will always be remembered, especially when that person thought that you were a friend once."

"About all the people have trouble keeping flowers on the graves. We live beside a graveyard and whenever a wind storm or something comes up, they come flying down through our yard. Maybe you should try to anchor them down a little more securely to the headstone."

"I just wanted to say 'way to go' to the Goodwill minor league team. You all did it. You won your first game. And what a win, 16-6. Keep up the good work. I'm proud of all you guys. Just remember how happy you all were when you guys won. Now, let's see you win some more. Have a good year."

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