Paramedics to learn the 'why' with the 'how'

May 14, 2000

A new paramedic training program will be offered this fall at Hagerstown Community College for people interested in making the field their career.

The two-year, advanced program has a maximum class size of 18, so students should register quickly, said George Perry, program coordinator.

Applicants must take placement tests, be interviewed and go through a selection process, he said. Students will be required to earn 69 credits to receive their paramedic degree.

The paramedic course uses an up-to-date curriculum and includes classroom and practical training.

The program's hands-on portion is important because it "lets people have experience in a controlled setting," he said.

It is more in-depth than paramedic training volunteers receive, said Perry.

"You not only learn what to do, but why you're doing it," he said.

Once students completes paramedic training at HCC, they'll be eligible to take an exam to qualify for a mastery level, he said.


Perry said the program came out of a discussion between college representatives and members of the Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, to provide training for members interested in becoming career paramedics, he said.

- Kimberly Yakowski

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