Judge extends road rager's sentence

May 12, 2000|By MARLO BARNHART

Already serving five years for a 1998 road rage incident in Hagerstown, Harold Elmer Rice Jr. was sentenced to an additional five years by Washington County Circuit Judge Kennedy Boone Monday for violation of probation for a similar crime which occurred in Frederick two months later.

On Feb. 11, Rice was sentenced to five years in prison by Judge Fred Wright for a October 1998 road rage incident in which he dragged a woman out of her vehicle and beat her in front of witnesses on an Interstate 70 exit ramp east of Hagerstown.

At that sentencing, a criminal record dating to 1987 showed six convictions for assault including the Hagerstown case and the Frederick County incident on Dec. 3, 1998, for which he was sentenced to serve 18 months in jail last November, court records said.

Rice, 35, formerly of Manor Drive, was charged in Washington County after the Oct. 11, 1998, incident involving a Hagerstown woman traveling from Frederick to Hagerstown with her 4-month-old son in the back seat.


In November, a jury heard testimony from Andrea Conny, who said Rice followed her, veered in front of her several times and once ran her vehicle into the median of I-70 between Frederick and Hagerstown.

She said she pulled over on the ramp but stayed in her car and lowered her window a few inches as Rice approached.

Rice grabbed her hair, forcing her to open the door to get free, according to testimony.

Conny said Rice took her to the ground and was assaulting her when two men from Virginia pulled off the same ramp and stopped to help Conny by yelling at Rice and calling Maryland State Police on a cellular phone.

Both of those men testified at the trial that Rice was clearly the aggressor.

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