Mail Call for 5/12

May 12, 2000

"Why don't the County Commissioners take the money for the stadium and give it to the Board of Education to pay our teachers?"

"Regarding the speeders in Tuesday's paper, Woodpoint Avenue and Key Avenue were mentioned. I am glad to see this because one of the worst times of day is when the parents pick up or drop off their kids at Salem Avenue Elementary School. These people, once they get their kids in or out of the car, they just speed out of this area like it is a dragway or something. I hope someone cracks down on this also."

"I live in the West End and I am proud of it. But something is going to happen to our pretty little street soon. Someone took up a petition to paint big white lines on our road for parking cars. Don't you know that the property value of our home goes down when this happens?"


"I want to comment on the recent rash of burglaries in Boonsboro, especially in the downtown area. Every night I pick up the paper there is a different break-in. It is either the barber shop, the pizza shop, ice cream parlor or the restaurant. I would like to know what the cause of these are."

"In answer to the question of why people drive around in the daytime with their headlights on. It is so you are more visible and hope that it prevents less accidents. A lot of the newer cars have daytime lights in them, so they automatically come on when you turn your car on."

"To the nice gentleman who is always waving to everyone on Eastern Boulevard. It is sure nice to see him out there, it makes your day going home a lot easier. He seems to be a very sweet and kind person and I appreciate him doing that very much."

"I am one of these people that drive around with my headlights on when it is not raining. Because there is so much traffic everywhere, I drive with my headlights on 24 hours a day. I think it is a very safe thing for everyone to do, not only when it is raining, but all the time."

"In answer to the person who wanted to know why people drive with their lights on even when it is not raining. A lot of the new cars have lights that you can't turn off. They have lights for daytime and lights for night and there is no way they can be turned off."

"In response to the person who said about driving with their headlights on. A lot of the newer cars have those automatic lights on them."

"Having your lights on in the daytime is a good idea and a great safety issue."

"I am the one who had a bike stolen on Easter Sunday. Someone who lives on Georgia Avenue and had a bike stolen also on Easter Sunday called in also. I would like for you to give me a call at 301-733-8404 and ask for Patty. I am home every evening after 6:30."

"I want to thank the senior citizen fair organizers who put together such a wonderful senior citizen group. The vendors were just great and the ones that are involved in the Commission on Aging and the head of the board and all of them that worked together, just did a splendid job. I wanted to thank them and congratulate them. It was really a great time for all."

"I got my dander up good. I bought a furnace 18 months ago, brand new. I called in for service on it and the company refused to service it. I bought it brand new and paid cash for it, over $2,000. I am a senior citizen on a very limited income and I have to buy it where I can get it for the best price at a senior discount. It is a shame when they have to take advantage of old people, but they didn't mind taking the money when I bought the furnace."

"My husband and I went to the Senior Fair and we enjoyed it very much. I just wanted to say thanks and congratulations to everyone who worked very hard. Thanks again."

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