Mail Call for 5/5

May 05, 2000

"OK, citizens of Washington County, get out your pencils. I hope Mr. McClure takes this vote on the stadium-railroad complex to referendum. I hope that everyone will realize that these people are going to sink us into a sea of continual debt. I hope we have an election first."

"I just wanted to say that Maugansville has a beautiful sign down there at the park. Everyone should go look at it. Thanks, Maugansville."

"What has happened to our music programs? Not only did the elementary program get removed, but now the middle school marching band is as well. The community of Clear Spring needs to contact the principal at the middle school and ask why we are the only middle school marching band in Washington County, not having an eighth grade marching band next year. We are taking more away from our children and not giving anything back. Something needs to be done and the community needs to get involved."


"Some time ago someone had in Mail Call about how to keep deer out of your gardens. Please, I wish you would call in and repeat it."

"I found a white/gold or a silver men's bracelet in the Kenley Square parking lot by Food Lion off of Wilson Boulevard. If anyone has lost this, they may want to give me a call at 301-432-5580."

"I know how you can pay for the ballpark. Take all of these abandoned houses around here, tear them down and let the property owners pay for them. Do like they do for the deadbeat dads, take their taxes."

"Way to go, County Commissioners. Way to take $25,000 of taxpayers' money and toss it out the window, is what you may as well done. Or better yet, you should have just bought lottery tickets, maybe you would have won and then you could have paid off the debt. I don't really see what a study to see how much debt we have will do. I don't see how this is going to benefit us in any way. You took $25,000 and didn't even use a firm in Washington County to keep the money in the county. This is ridiculous, this is just another example of how you just throw money around. To most of us people and to many of us taxpayers, $25,000 is a lot of money. Seems like this could have been done a lot cheaper. As far as I know, all the information that you got from that company is public record and one of the employees who is employed by Washington County government could have gotten that same information. Just another example why people need to get out and vote when it is time for new County Commissioners."

"To the people complaining about the deer. Just think about why this is happening and you will have the answer. Their habitat is being taken from them by money- hungry greedy developers and the people who sell the land to them. Everyone is being replaced by concrete, buildings and asphalt. As for the birds, it is the same reason, all the trees are being cut down. Where are they supposed to live and nest? Blame man, not anyone else. Do we really need all these malls, cluster houses and so forth? Of course not! Why not renovate all the empty stores and houses that are in town and save all the open spaces?"

"In regards to Nolan Ryan's stadium only costing $2.5 million. It is $25 million. There is no decimal point in there. It is a $25 million stadium."

"To the lady who asked for free Irises, give me a call at 301-739-6622. I may be able to help you."

"I wish these people with these loud stereos and banging and booming would show some respect for the people who live in town and their places. We do not want to hear this kind of music. We are tired of our rattling and breaking. If we wanted to hear this kind of music, we would buy it. Please have respect and turn them down or better yet, turn them off."

"I read in the paper concerning the man convicted of molesting his stepdaughter. But they won't give his name. This man is out on the streets running around. I have two teenage daughters. Maybe they live next door, I don't know. But I would like to know who he is. I think this should be against the law. I think his name should be given."

"I was wondering if anyone knew what they are planning to do on Burnside Bridge Road? There are construction signs up, but they are covered in plastic and you can't tell right now. You think it would be nice if they warned us ahead of time to let us know what they plan on doing on that road."

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