Letters to the Editor 5/7

May 05, 2000

Democrats saved day for the county

To the editor:

Congratulations Tim Rowland. Your column on Sunday, April 9, was not just on target but dead center in the bull's eye. In a year of a $1 billion surplus, our dysfunctional delegation to Annapolis did get "skunked."

Only the two democratic delegates, Sue Hecht and John Donoghue saved this delegation from itself. I am sure that the Republican delegates are going to put the usual political spin on this debacle and most assuredly will pat themselves on the back. This ignores the facts so precisely illiterated by Tim Rowland.

Political idealism is a noble virtue, but pragmatism rules the political world. The Republicans in our delegation apparently do not realize that they have to work with a democratic Governor and a democratic majority in the General Assembly. It is knowing what fight to fight and the art of compromise that will win political battles.


It is evident that the Republicans in our delegation have not learned this lesson. Tim Rowland rightly points out that Delegates Hecht and Donoghue constantly worked behind the scenes to repair damage with the governor and with Democratic chairs of committees alienated by the Washington County delegation. The Republicans in our delegation should be grateful that two Democratic delegates saved this session from being a catastrophe.

Democrats Sue Hecht and John Donoghue should be the recipients of the visual and vocal support of all Democrats and especially the Democratic Central Committee.

The Washington County Democratic Central Committee should be more than a ceremonial committee. It should be more than the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in the spring and a picnic in the summer. It should be about providing leadership and public support for the Democrats in Washington County.

This leadership and support is lacking from the Central Committee members. The Democrats in this county have a lot to be proud of. Hopefully, the Democratic Central Committee will publicly acknowledge the work of Delegates Sue Hecht and John Donoghue. We owe these two Democrats our gratitude.

Randy Changuris


My boss IS my secretary

To the editor:

Today, April 26 Secretary's Day, I would like to show my appreciation for my boss!

Why? Because some say my boss is my secretary!

As editor of the prison newsletter at the Maryland Correctional Institution, I report to Volunteer Activity Coordinator Donna Webster, who is my supervisor. Yet as a prisoner there are many things that I am not allowed to do; I cannot pick up mail or go to the mail room, I cannot make phone calls, and I cannot requisition or order supplies. In short, there is little I can do other than print and distribute the prisoner newsletter after I receive its approval from the warden and Webster. I am dependent on VAC Webster to accomplish those tasks which prison rules prohibit me from tackling, so I am deeply indebted to her and I would like to honor her and acknowledge my appreciation on this, Secretary's Day 2000!

Douglas Scott Arey

MCIH #130196 A-1-A-20

Shed this tactic

To the editor:

Several years ago a young man decided to start his own business. He worked full time at his corporate job and spent evenings and weekends developing his new career. Honesty, good service, dependability, quality products and friendship became synonymous with the name "Moore Sheds."

Located in Boonsboro on Alternate 40, Moore fine-tuned his business skills and his dream out-grew its location. A few months ago, "Moore Sheds" moved to a location on the Sharpsburg Pike near the Interstate 70 intersection.

At Moore's former location in Boonsboro, an individual has opened a business, also selling sheds, and has purposefully named his business, "More and Better Sheds."

With this name, this Boonsboro businessman unfairly infers that Moore's sheds are inferior. Yet, he counts on Moore's good reputation by putting his misleading name on Moore's old Boonsboro business sign, a sign that is in the shape of Moore's shed logo.

"More and Better Sheds" is trading on Moore's name.

Perhaps Washington County sees nothing wrong with this, because they cannot see the context from which it has been taken. Town of Boonsboro, how about you?

We shall continue to do our business with "Moore Sheds" and the family of Kelly Moore.

Don and Carole Zarefoss


Reno to Cuba!

To the editor:

Our country was originally founded on the barter (trade, exchange) system. Why not keep Elian here in the U.S., send Janet Reno to Cuba and make everybody happy? If necessary, as an added bonus to Castro, we could also send along the Pepsi girl, O.J. Simpson and Dennis Rodman.

Paul Leatherman


Easter marred by racist graffiti

To the editor:

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