Big Game fever breaking out

May 04, 2000|By LAURA ERNDE

David Hafer of Hagerstown said he'll buy his own hunting retreat in Blairs Valley if he wins tonight's Big Game lottery drawing.

With the largest jackpot in the game's history - $220 million if taken in yearly installments over 25 years - ticket sales are brisk.

"It's kept us busy all day," said Ed Hood II of Market Lot Liquors in Hagerstown.

Normally, the Pick Three is the most popular lottery game, but on Thursday the Big Game outsold everything at the store, he said.

The average amount spent there was $4. One of Hood's regular customers, who spends 50 cents a day on the Pick Four game, bought $50 worth of Big Game tickets.


"Everybody's dreaming about the money," he said.

One customer said that if he won, he would buy an island, plus a helicopter to get there. Another man said he would buy a beer truck full of women.

Kelly Miles, 38, had more down-to-earth goals. He said he would pay all his bills and buy homes for himself and his parents, while setting himself up to quit his job.

William Hughes, 48, said he and his co-workers at Jerr-Dan play every week. He said he would have no problem splitting the money with them.

"One million's just as good as $220 million. What can you do with that much money?" he said.

The odds of matching all five numbers and the "Big Money Ball" are one in 76,275,360, according to the Maryland Lottery.

Proceeds of tickets sold in the state go to the Maryland Stadium Authority.

Tickets are sold in seven states: Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey.

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