Skating coach charged in ice rink flap

May 01, 2000|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

An ice skating coach was arrested at the Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex after a confrontation with rink management during which police alleged she refused to leave the premises.

Margaret Ann Everett was charged April 22 with trespassing, refusing to obey a police officer and resisting arrest, according to court documents.

The situation came up during the public comments portion of a Hagerstown City Council meeting last Tuesday.

Harriett Mongan and her son-in-law complained to the Mayor and City Council about how rink management treated Everett.

Mongan said Everett has been barred from teaching at the Hagerstown ice rink.

Beverly Kornides, chairwoman of the Washington County Sports Foundation, the nonprofit group that operates the rink, said coaches are required to enter into contracts to teach at the rink, and Everett's contract was not renewed.

According to court documents, Everett was told Saturday she was no longer allowed on rink property because of alleged rules violations.


Kornides said Everett tried to teach anyway on that Saturday. Everett was told she couldn't teach that day and was asked to leave, Kornides said.

When Everett did not leave, rink officials contacted police. Court records say Everett initially refused to leave and was forcibly removed from the rink.

Everett declined to comment on the matter.

Hagerstown Project Coordinator Austin Abraham, who is the city's liaison to the foundation, said city official have an interest in what happens, but for now the issue is between the sports foundation and the complainants.

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