Letters to the Editor May 1

April 28, 2000

Put Wal-Mart in the downtown

To the editor:

Tim Rowland's column of Tuesday April 25 in my opinion is right on the mark.

Although I know his columns are done tongue-in-cheek, you really have to agree with him most of the time, and this time he is oh so right.

I have yet another proposal to offer for the mayor and City of Hagerstown that will fit right in with the redevelopment of greater downtown Hagerstown.

Build the Wal-Mart right downtown. Since, as Rowland has pointed out, there isn't enough interest in yet another Civil War museum downtown, raze the buildings and use the land where the museum was to be built. This seems the perfect solution to all problems.


It will add to the tax base (uh-huh) of Hagerstown and bring jobs to the people who live in the area. It will also provide a shopping opportunity for the people who live and work downtown and don't have the transportation or means of transportation to get to the Wal-Marts, either the one on the east or the west side of town.

And lastly this solution will not cause more traffic to be imposed upon the beautiful town of Funkstown. Why make the residents of Funkstown pay for and be inconvenienced by what Hagerstown wants to develop? Hagerstown can handle the traffic, put more buses on duty, and add more cabs to bring people in from the south and east side of town. (The north and west side of town can use the Wal-Mart along I-81. It will be perfect shopping for the employees of the new court house.)

This solution will cost less than the $12 million long proposed bypass and will not take anymore good open-space farm land.

Jo-Carol Prokop

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Munson's ploy was indefensible

To the editor:

I note that Don Munson and other conservative Republicans are again complaining that citizens don't see them as great saviors of gun rights and University of Maryland Hagerstown branch. What majority are they talking about? The citizens I talk to want the university branch built - period.

How can anybody defend Munson's very poor decision to climb in bed with "gunnutz" and vote against SB211? Maryland achieved national prominence for doing the right thing to support locks on handguns for future sales.

It is good that the majority in our state legislature uses honorable and proper votes for a sensible government for all the people.

Harry Peasly

St. James

Return needed to old-school values

To the editor:

Thank goodness School Superintendent Herman Bartlett understands the importance of extending the school year to make up for the seven days lost to inclement weather, rather than bending to waive three days.

Why, with all the media blues on how poorly our students are learning, and why, with the current vast amount of our tax dollars being poured into the education system, would the Maryland State Department of Education even consider waiving three days?

I was greatly disappointed in our teachers who cry foul and expect to be paid, but not teach. Today's students need every second of classroom instruction they can get. As for the hot classrooms, I studied in classrooms so hot the sweat ran off my arms and smeared the ink on my paper, but I learned nevertheless.

Our students today are so pampered they have no incentive or interest to study. We learned more in 12 years than current students learn in four additional years of college, including respect, values and integrity. Also, regarding the comment pertaining to schoolwork competing with after-school sports activities, let's get our priorities straight.

Which is more important? If more emphasis was put on classroom instruction, and less on extracurricular activities, students' scores would improve immensely. Our education system needs a wake up call - and soon.

Marilyn Leatherman


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