Mail Call for 4/28

April 28, 2000

"I want to thank the Bethel Assembly Church on East Wilson Boulevard for the Easter musical this year. It was a wonderful free gift that this church gives to Hagerstown every year. The music was beautiful and the actors were very professional. The last two songs and the scenery were absolutely awesome. It was so good, in fact, I went to see it again. I wanted to say another thank you to this congregation and the choir because they made my Easter very special. It was very, very, very beautiful. Thanks again."

"I would like to say that we did the right thing by going in and taking that Cuban boy back to his daddy where he should be. We have too many people in our government that are doing the wrong things now."

"I think that the U.S. government did exactly what it should have done with that boy from Cuba, only they should have done it a lot sooner. I am tired of everyone coming into this country and trying to tell us how it is going to be run. If they are not satisfied here, why don't they go back to their country. Better yet, why don't they just stay there. We have all the people here in the United States that we need."


"I was reading the local paper and I saw an interesting section of the paper. I never knew that Edgemont Road was in the Funkstown area, and also, I never knew that there were that many bars in Funkstown, that's great. The Sheriff's Department, those boys have a job that I wouldn't want. They don't pay enough money for me to have that job and be on the road with all those people."

"I want to wish the Crabtrees a happy anniversary and happy birthday to Evans. Love, someone special."

"I read a lot of the paper everyday and it seems to me that the mayor of Hagerstown, from what I read, and what he is saying about things, I believe he is trying to run for a higher office. I believe that he wants to be a state senator. Maybe I am wrong but it seems to me that he is politicking."

"To the people out there who don't want a stadium in Washington County, I guess you don't mind help paying for the Aberdeen stadium that is going to be built. Why shouldn't we have a stadium here in Washington County? Your tax money is going to help build Aberdeen's and you will probably never go to see Aberdeen stadium."

"I agree with the person who was commenting on the person who left all that money in their car and got it stolen. That is an open invitation for someone to come along and steal it. It's true, people don't care what the money is for, they are just going to take it."

"I am calling in regards to the parking meters in the 100 block of South Potomac Steet. Someone called in about it and I too don't think that they should be there. That does become expensive, especially when you live in that area and there is no other alternative or place to park. I think the permits should be offered to the people who live down there. The city should look into that. The city is trying to build up the downtown, there are people who live downtown and pay taxes, but yet they have to pay to park every day."

"Someone wanted to know how to keep birds off of your porch. Just put some aluminum foil there and they will stay off of the porch. I have a wreath on my porch and I put a piece of foil behind the wreath and they don't touch it. It scares them. You try that."

"To the person the other night in Mail Call who thought it was a good idea that the Mexicans and Cubans come over here. Wait until they take over and see how you like it."

"To the person who called about the Funkstown bar stools and beer drinkers, they should come over to Funkstown and have a beer with us and then maybe they will learn something."

"I am calling to wish my brother Harry a happy 53rd birthday on April 28. Love, Steph."

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