Letters to the Editor 4/28

April 27, 2000

Where will the conspiracies end?

To the editor:

To Gary Lee:

I am writing in response to your letter dated April 8, concerning the government's requirement to have trigger locks on all new guns sold in our state. Your thoughts were quite enlightening.

I am somewhat familiar with and appreciate a fine gun when I see one. This comes from being raised around a whole assortment of weaponry as a child. I also had the opportunity to be exposed to and train on some of the finest and most lethal weapons around when serving first as an enlisted man, then an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Even with this background, I recognize the carnage inflicted on the children of this nation due to our lack of parenting skills and our seemingly growing love affair with guns.


For arguments sake, let's say your conspiracy theory is correct. Suppose you're right in assuming that our lawmakers and government officials are not concerned about the safety and welfare of our children or law-abiding citizens - that people like Governor Glendening are plants of the K.G.B. Perhaps our governor was brainwashed then elevated to a position of power by the Russians. You'll agree this is not so far-fetched if you rent a copy of "The Manchurian Candidate." Have your wife operate the VCR for you. They can be as tricky as these trigger locking devices.

If our government officials are willing to reach out and disrupt the lives and take away the freedoms of gun collectors under the guise of safety and product improvement, who knows where they'll stop? Here's an example of what could happen.

I, like most Americans, am quite fond of the automobile. Not just new cars, but the old classics. You may not be aware of this, but though the years the automobile has changed. As time went on, the government and courts stuck their noses into the affairs of the auto makers whose soul purpose was to make us happy. Before anyone knew what happened, Washington was requiring all sorts of things like seatbelts, emission standards and a recent phenomenon, the airbag. Again, all under the guise of safety and our welfare.

Like you, I have an uneasy feeling that "they" are trying to undermine our freedom. If your conspiracy thing has any credibility, not only will your guns be in danger of being confiscated by Washington.

Perhaps those beautiful antique automobiles I see every fall at "Boonesborugh Days" will be subject to seizure.

As far as I know these wonderful machines have not been retro-fitted with the devices required on new vehicles. The owners of these classics could be in for a rude awakening when Comrades Glendening and Reno are waiting in their driveways with a tow truck.

Well! At least you and I know the truth.

By the way, when Washington attempts to take my Pinto away, may I borrow a couple of your guns?

Charles R. Blair


Communism's coming

To the editor:

We have seen the shameful actions by the Clinton administration during the forceful evacuation of Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives.

Take a thorough look at the scenes of that eviction that the media have "allowed" to be shown of the terrible act. Then remember it. That is how the ultimate gun control will be conducted and there is not a thing that the present society in America cares about it. Communism, one world government, that is where we are going. Remember these words.

Robert B. Shives


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