Mail Call for 4/27

April 27, 2000

"I want to thank Tim Rowland for his article in Easter Sunday's Herald Mail. It was excellent, as always. Also to the city police, I see that Franklin Street is becoming another drag strip again. The law enforcement was great there for a while, but if it was possible to stop it before, it is possible now."

"To Allegany County Board of Education, if you do not want the money that Glendening gave to you, please give it to Washington County, we will take it. A taxpayer."

"I hope everyone is getting used to the big backup on Dual Highway at Eastern Boulevard, now that it is down to one lane each way. Because when they put in the new Wal-Mart on Edgewood Drive, it is going to be like that every day."

"Instead of boycotting South Carolina, the NAACP should boycott D.C. That place is more of a threat to people than South Carolina will ever be."


"If the mayor of Hagerstown thinks that he is so great for Washington County, why doesn't he run for County Commissioner and let the Washington County people show how we feel about him. We can show how we don't like him."

"I am sitting here watching the news about the shooting at the zoo. Where the gang members caught the kids in the crossfire. I think when they catch them they should put then in jail forever and never let them out. To all you people who think that they have rights, too, well we ought to throw you in there, too."

"I can't believe the profanity used by adults to children in a normally peaceful neighborhood on Monday evening. Remember the display of graffiti that appeared this past weekend 'Hate makes hate and our children are listening'"

"I think Janet Reno and Bill Clinton finally did something right by putting the Cuban boy back with his father. They still got that thing on their conscience, or at least they should have, for what they did at Waco, that was just plain criminal."

"I want to respond about the deer at Rest Haven. I live in that area and I love the deer. They visit my property all the time, they eat from my trees and they have never destroyed anything. Please leave the deer alone."

"Who is The Herald Mail trying to convince that we have a gun problem in Hagerstown and Washington County with their article in Sunday's paper? It said The police seized 182 firearms. Why weren't the owners of the other 50,000-plus legal firearms mentioned?"

"Those people who want to know what to do with azaleas and what to do for them, give me a call at 301-790-3955. I will tell you what the best thing to do."

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