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Mail Call for 4/26

April 26, 2000

"The dogwood tree once stood rugged, tall and proud, larger and stronger than the oak. Upon this tree that stood high on a hill for all the world to see, they crucified the dearest and best friend the world had ever known, by His hands and feet. He shed His blood, sufferred and died on the cross to fullfill God's will, to forgive our sins, to save the world. Yes, God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son. It is written that Jesus, the Son of God, is the light of the world and the way. Earth's darkest hour followed Jesus' death. The sun disappeared, the earth shook causing an earthquake. It was then and only then that the people who crucified Him realized that He was who He said He was, the son of God. God put a curse upon the dogwood tree so it would never stand straight, rugged and tall again. Today the dogwood tree stands as a reminder to the world what took place on that faithful day. Its white blossoms tell the story of the nail holes in Jesus' hands. God's love is true love, as true as love can be. God's message - treat others the way you like to be treated."


"Does anyone out there know how to keep birds off of your porch?"

"Happy retirement to Mona. You go girl, you deserve it."

"To all those elected officials who are trying to push the stadium down our taxpayers' throats, what part of 'NO' don't you understand?"

"I am calling about Tim Rowland's column in the paper. It says that after Wal-Mart moves in, that Funkstown would need a triple bypass. So what Funkstown? Dual Highway needed one a long time ago, and we survived, so knock it off, Funkstown. Let's put Wal-Mart in there. It won't do you any harm. It might do you some good."

"Spring time is here, mowing time is coming, people are constantly mowing their grass out in the streets and the alleys and I wish they would stop it."

"If I had a choice in who gets the taxpayers' funds, it would either be the school children or the Sheriff's Department, Sheriff's Department, you lose."

"I would like to know where the guards are at the Washington County Hospital parking deck. My daughter parked in there while she was as the hospital with her husband and someone tried to break into it. Where are the guards? I have been there several times also, and I never see the guards. If they have guards they should be on duty. If they don't have them, well, that isn't good."

"To the person who left all that money in change in their car for someone to take. There are thieves out there, even if you are in a good neighborhood. You should have taken it into your house or in your handbag, where money belongs, not in a car. People around here don't care that the money was for emergencies, they just think, Oh wow! Goodie."

"I live in Hagerstown and work in Hagerstown and I travel extensively in the area. However, I have never been able to meet or see this Tim Rowland who writes this very intuitive, but yet comical article. I would love to meet someone that could write like he does. Way to go, Tim."

"Responding to Tim Rowland's column in The Daily Mail on April 24. I wish we could elect him as the President of the United States, city council, Mayor of Hagerstown, County Commissioners head honcho. Tim Rowland has more logic and wisdom in his little finger than any of the above have with all their collective heads together. He hit the nail on the head again. I hope he never leaves us."

"To the one that thinks it will be too hot for the kids to be in school on June 14 and 15 and thinks that sweating isn't good for them. I am sure that when you went to school you had no air conditioning and you got along all right. Even if the kids aren't in school sweating, they will be outside doing something that makes them sweat. A little sweat never killed anyone. Stop babying them, maybe they will grow up to be good reliable citizens."

"Let's erect some more concrete blocks and slap down some more asphalt, ignore logical smart growth, congest traffic, resulting in more accidents. All in the name of the almighty tax dollars. Ignore concerned citizens' opinions and move ahead with more unnecessary projects, so we can find something else unnecessary to spend those tax dollars on. Mind boggling and appalling, the whole situation."

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