Mail Call for 4/21

April 21, 2000

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"In Monday's paper you had a picture and an article that was really interesting on the largest woman's shoe in the world. But you didn't say what happened to this shoe. Does anyone know what the follow-up was on that?"

"Tell me what else these deputies want? They get a free car, they get their gas free, they go home every day for lunch. What more do they want?"


"This is for the engineering department, the one-way traffic that they have there on the bridge on Dual Highway, has caused backups clear up to Ames Shopping Center. When is it going to be finished? What are they doing? It looks like they are just playing around down there. Nothing is getting done. When are we going to feel free to go that way? We have to take the long way around and that cuts off our lunch and dinner time. Think a little bit and see what you can do."

"I have a question I need answered. How is that when you take a pain pill, that pill knows what part of your body to go to? I am curious, could you help me please?"

"I want to say to the person who said to send the little boy back to Cuba. Evidentally they don't know what it is like to live in Cuba and to talk about the Cuban people being in there illegally, they don't know what they are talking about. I guarantee that 98 percent of the Cuban people in Florida are here legally. They better think about the Mexicans that are coming illegally across the border by the thousands. Maybe this person should go live in Cuba for a while, then maybe they will change their minds."

"I just learned since I am almost 70 that I will never be called for jury duty. Why can't senior citizens that are not working be on jury duty? Why can't they have a place that senior citizens can send their names if they are willing to do jury duty? That way, they don't have people refusing to do it with doctor's notes and notes from work. I think they should let senior citizens get in there as much as the young people."

"I have a gripe about the people who are coming out off the ramps onto the highway. They just come out like they have the right of way and the heck with anyone else. Take the yield sign away and make them stop. How many other people feel this way?"

"For the person who took my daughter's pocketbook at the Western Sizzlin Restaurant. Please call us and let us know what you did with the baby's bracelet, that was on the baby's arm when they were in the hospital. That is all we are asking for back. My number is 301-223-8908."

"To the person who said to send the little boy back to Cuba. How would you like to live in Cuba?"

"To the person who said about getting money to fix up their homes and don't have to pay it back until they moved. Please call in and let me know more about this. I want to know how to go about getting a loan."

"To the two girls in Boonsboro that donated their hair to 'Locks of Love' I just wanted to say that it was a very good thing to do and it is nice to see that there are some good teenagers left."

"I would like to know why the Board of Education is getting less money for school projects? Are they saving the money for the stadium?"

"The flowers in front of the golf course on Dual Highway look really beautiful and we really enjoy them."

"I am calling about the people who wanted another light across from South High. If they put any more lights on Sharpsburg Pike, people won't be able to get through at all."

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