Letters to the Editor 4/24

April 21, 2000

Beagle Man will be OK

To the editor:

This letter goes out to everyone who are very concerned about the man who walks his dog on Eastern Boulevard and waves. This man that everyone talks about is my father, Berry Chaney Sr.

His son lives with him, but being a young man he doesn't stay home much. My father likes to wave at everyone to make people feel good and to have friends. Some people are wondering why they haven't seen him lately.

That's because he is not in good health. He has lung problems, and he has diabetes. He can't catch his breath sometimes when he walks too far. The doctors from the VA Center in Martinsburg and the Western Maryland Center have all been very concerned for him as well as his family.


This man is a father to two girls and two boys. His girls try to do for him as much as possible. This man is very loved. He may not have much to show, but we love him. So if you don't see him around much, don't worry, he will be OK.

Jacqueline K. Sprecher


Watch out for lifestyle tyrants

To the editor:

I have become increasingly worried about the future of our country. We are always touting the USA as the ideal of ideals. We were started as a republic, and we fought the Revolutionary War mainly because of taxation without representation and otherwise having very little say in the running of our colonies. When we became our own sovereign country, the Constitution with the Bill of Rights became our basic law.

The reason for these amazing documents wasn't to give government power to tax as it darn well pleased, or to control every facet of our lives, as Washington seems intent on doing. The amendments gave all those rights to the individual. The first three amendments are the main basis for our freedoms remaining more or less intact until now. However, during the last 10 years or so, perhaps even starting back with FDR, the power has slowly been shifted to the top.

The framers of these documents knew, even at that time, that power corrupts. It was known that any populace that is unarmed is helpless.

Our Second Amendment protects us against this possibility. But our current president has signed several executive orders and presidential decision directives that literally trample many of our Constitutional rights. The compliant major media has largely ignored this, but this info is available.

The First Amendment is in danger also, mainly by the present stupidity of PC (Political Correctness). This is mainly directed at anything that is said about most any distinct group. Public discourse has always involved times when it was necessary to say something negative or non-complimentary about someone or some group. This is part of free speech. Slander or real defamation of character is another matter, and the victim can take legal action against that.

The third amendment is being trampled on a regular basis. Cases such as when someone visits your home and possibly leaves some controlled substance there, or rents a room and uses drugs. They go after you, rather than the offender. This is totally illegal unless they already have proof of your involvement with drugs. If they have proof that you bought the car/house using money you made from illegal activities, then it may be legal. Other cases are undercover police women posing as streetwalkers, and then confiscating the John's car. This is total overkill, and is also likely unconstitutional.

This could go on for pages, but will end it with a short note. Socialism is alive and flourishing in the U.S. (the Vermont senator is an admitted socialist, and communism is the child of socialism). Someone once said that "Those who don't fight and defend their freedom, will soon lose it." We are already in danger of this, I'm afraid.

The lifestyle tyrants are manipulating us, without our knowledge. This becomes quite obvious if you read some recent well-researched books on this subject. The best I have seen is "Exposed! America's Emerging Lifestyle Tyrants, and their secret plan to control your life," by American Lantern Press, Charlotte, N.C.

Carl U. Burbank


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