Land dispute leads to arrest

April 19, 2000|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A Falling Waters, W.Va., man has been charged with threatening to shoot a county official over a property dispute.

The incident arose due to a disagreement over boundaries at a site where the Berkeley County Ambulance Authority is building a new station on U.S. 11, near exit 23 of Interstate 81, according to Program Manager Gary Collis.

Collis said he sent a "no trespassing" order to next-door neighbor Stanley Seekford and his family.

Collis alleged Seekford whited out the names on the order, switched them, and brought the order back to the authority's office on March 17. While he was there, Seekford told Collis he would be shot if he stepped on Seekford's property, and the threat was written on the altered order, Collis alleged.

Collis filed a criminal complaint against Seekford, who was charged with assault on March 28. Seekford was released on $187 bond.


The complaint also alleged that Seekford "has prevented public utility workers from doing their work at the property."

The Berkeley County Commissioners voted unanimously on Tuesday for the county prosecuting attorney to represent Collis in the case.

Collis alleged that Seekford has a bus that is being used for storage and a dog house on the authority's land. A mobile home is partially on the land, too, he said.

Commissioner Robert Burkhart said the county should move those items back onto Seekford's land.

The new station will be a modular home with a two-bay garage, Collis said. It will cost about $150,000 and may be finished by the middle of the summer, he said.

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