Mail Call for 4/18

April 18, 2000

"Thanks, Gov. Glendening, on your wise decision on supporting the gun control with insisting upon the safety locks. Also for not providing any money for the museum."

"I saw where people can find money to fix up their homes and they don't have to repay it until they sell their homes. Well, what if they don't sell their house? Then they never have to pay it. If the city has so much money, why don't they put that money toward the water and sewer bill and not raise taxes? Let's start being kind to the taxpayers."

"We had a trash pickup and there are so many people that still have stuff sitting out, including me. It has been two weeks now. I have called and they said they would put me on the list and another week has gone by. I am in the West End. It is a shame. If they can't do it in one day, then they should have it for a week."


"I had a very pleasant experience today. I am an older person. I was out walking today at the corner of The Terrace and Park Lane. I had stopped to rest and was leaning against the fire hydrant and this young man stopped and asked me if I was all right. I told him I was fine, I was just resting. He said he saw me there and he didn't know if I needed help or not. I just thought I had to call and let everyone know that."

"I am calling in reference to the Board of Education not applying for the waiver of snow days. This does not make any sense to me whatsoever. I read in the paper about Mr. Bartlett claiming that he would be paying teachers for not working. I think teachers do enough work anyway. Also, when June 14 and 15 gets here and the weather gets very hot and the students are sweating in school, is that good for the children? I think Mr. Bartlett is being very selfish and thinking of only himself and not the children in this situation."

"Is there an adoptive grandparents' group in this area? If not I would like to start one. It is a group for people who have grandkids that live far away and can't visit, then someone can be an adoptive grandparents and take those children places and stuff, just like a grandparent would do. Interested people please contact Mail Call."

"To the person looking for a children's dentist. There is a new one called Walnut Street Dental Clinic. The number is 301-393-3450. I have taken my son there and they are wonderful."

"Does anyone know of anything that you can buy to spray on furniture to keep cats off of it? If you do, will you please call Mail Call and let us know what it is?"

"Washington Countians, wake up. Several days ago The Daily Mail headlines said 'County Commissioners consider tax hike.' Property taxes, of course, then sewer and water taxes, income taxes and then raising the piggyback taxes. Two days later, headlines, City of Hagerstown officials going to raise property taxes, fees on electric bills, swimming pool fees, park pavilions and golf course fees. Today, April 12, County Commissioners raising the price of landfill rates to $75 this year and $105 by the year 2003. Where in the world do these commissioners and tourism officials think our citizens are to get this money for all their increases? Don't they realize what it cost on taxes for gas, taxes on our vehicles to go to the dump, so we can keep our city and county clean? I have an idea there is going to be a lot of garbage along our highways with this kind of a hike. My personal feeling is that county and city officials get together to raise their taxes to pay for a new ball stadium for Hagerstown. Don't be fooled, folks, these taxes are not being raised all of the sudden for nothing. I guess the next headline will be 'County Commissioners vote big raises for themselves.' What do the people and senior citizens have to look forward to in this, Washington County. Absolutely nothing from our officials. Remember them when you vote again."

"Just to remember Jack, my son on his birthday, April 5. He was killed on April 17, 30 years ago. Love you always, Jack. Love, Mom."

"Someone tell me the best way to fry fresh trout."

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