Letters to the Editor 4/17

April 14, 2000

Soccer moms need to straighten up

To the editor:

I just finished reading the morning paper, and read where Rosie O'Donnell, and a million mothers are going to march on Washington to demand that Congress enact more and more gun laws. I read somewhere once, where, I think, Ben Franklin said, "Those who will give up freedom for safety, deserve neither."

When I was growing up, I don't remember one household in our town that didn't have at least one firearm in it, often sitting in a corner loaded, to shoot hawks or other predators after the chickens or hogs, and I don't recall a single case of any child shooting another child or person. But then, the mother was usually in the home, the father worked, and we sat around the supper table and talked every evening. (There was no TV to fall in front of, and watch the mayhem and filth that is brought into your living room on a daily basis.)


If these so-called soccer moms would spend more time talking to their children about history and religion and taking them to church on Sunday instead of Little League or the "soccer field," you would probably see a different type of child, than one who knows nothing of American history, religion, or much of anything else. Rosie O'Donnell looks like one of those raised in front of the tube, with no safety lock on the refrigerator, as are many of today's youth.

I received my first gun for my seventh birthday, but was not trusted to take it out without supervision until my father was convinced I knew how to handle it safely, and then I was allowed to accompany others hunting or to take it out plinking. If mothers and fathers spend more time with their children and find out what they are being taught, then you can expect more "Columbines." I talk with many young and not so young people who know absolutely nothing about American history, have poor work ethics, and don't hesitate to lie, cheat or do anything else that suits their purpose.

They may think more gun laws will help, but they are sadly mistaken, and after all guns are gone, what will be next?

L.F. Fiorita


Save innocent lives

To the editor:

I believe that we live in a great land, one in which we have many freedoms and rights as individuals to conduct our lives in the manner in which we choose. But, I also believe that with such freedom comes responsibility, and I feel that we, as a society, have forgotten about these responsibilities. Although we have the freedom to make our own choices and decisions, we are also responsible for the consequences that occur as a result of our choices and our actions.

Having said that, I now must say that I feel that we have overstepped our boundaries as a "free society" when we make it legal for the practice of partial-birth abortions to continue in this country. When it comes to this form of abortion, which in all reality is infanticide, I don't think it should matter where you stand in the abortion debate. These acts of murder cannot be backed up with the argument of when does life truly begin, or the argument of the health and well-being of the mother. These are full-term infants that are being delivered feet first, followed by their legs, trunk, arms, hands and then right before the head is delivered the baby is killed. As if that were not enough, the infants' organs are then harvested and sold for thousands of dollars to companies, all in the name of research. I realize that it may be difficult for some to read this, but we need to stop turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to this issue. It really happens, right here in the land of the free, and it must be stopped,

We, as a people, need to put an end to this! Just this week, Congress voted 2-1 to ban this practice, and our president, considering his past record, is expected to veto their ban. Why? Perhaps for political reasons, I am not sure. But, we have a great opportunity to put an end to this issue once and for all. The Supreme Court has expedited a case on which it will rule on whether the practice of partial-birth abortion is constitutional, and those arguments begin on April 25, 2000. We need to send a message, loud and clear, to Washington that we, as a free people, want these partial-birth abortions banned for good!

As a voting citizen, a member of the medical profession, and a young mother with two small, very precious children of my own, I do not understand how we, as Americans, can allow this atrocity to continue. Let's finally use our freedom of speech to make a difference and save many innocent children!

Staci E. Sargent

Waynesboro, Pa.

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