Mail Call for 4/12

April 12, 2000

"I want to comment on the new specialty health food and craft shops that we have opening in our area. I love to shop and I do visit all of them, but I will not go back to the ones that have children and men hanging there. It is disturbing when you are trying to shop and you have children running in and out and men coming and going. I do enjoy all of these stores and I shop a lot. Please pass the message along."

"I watched the telethon Saturday from Wal-Mart. Ron Krisulevicz was very professional and so classy. As he does on NBC25 News, how refreshing. He is not constantly playing for laughs."

"As I was walking up Washington Street Monday morning, I found a man's driver's license. His last name is Sewell. If that person lost the license and can give me the address that is on the license they can come and get it and only the person whose name is on the license. I can be reached at 301-790-0452. If I am not home, they can leave a message on my answering machine."


"I am retired and I spend a lot of time by myself. I have been saving money to buy a second-hand computer. But what I don't know is, after I buy the computer, what will it cost me to do things that I hear the young people talking about, like going online, going into the chat room, things that I could do here at the house by myself? I shouldn't even get the computer if it is going to cost me too much. Someone let me know what it is going to cost to do these things."

"In response to some of the parents talking about the school bus problem. Yes, I understand that it is hard to drive with a lot of kids yelling and screaming. But I think there are other alternatives to having assigned seats, not being able to turn around, talking in a whisper. You are going to cause a lot of animosity with the students. The one bus driver said she deals with the problem one at a time, she doesn't punish the entire bus. My problem with the bus driver is how strict she is being. This has been going on for three months non-stop. She doesn't let up. Punish the kids that are causing the trouble, don't punish the entire bus, that was my main concern."

"I want to congratulate my great granddaughter, Laura Davis, Clear Spring High School, for being asked to be in the National Honor Society. Good luck. Ninny."

"On rent without leases. If you rent in Hagerstown without a lease and only a verbal agreement, if the landlord refuses to give you an address where you can mail your payments to, the landlord can and will refuse at any time to accept rent from you, then take you to court for non-payment. The courts will not see this as fraud or agree that this is a setup. I have gone through this and now there is a garnishee on my paycheck. Beware, if you rent from someone without a lease, you will have to pay them no matter what, if you make them angry, you will still have to pay them. So beware, and these people know who they are that do this to us."

"Enough is enough. The proposed increase in landfill fees of 150 percent to $105 a year is insane. Our present commissioners seem to believe that our pockets are bottomless. Everyone needs to speak up, refuse to renew your permits this year and take your trash to Pennsylvania or West Virginia landfills."

"Someone asked why the cab drivers double park when there is a parking spot nearby. They have been doing this for years. There are also ordinary citizens that double park, too. They don't care how many people they inconvenience, or how many people they hold up, they are just lazy and inconsiderate."

"Can anyone tell me when we are going to get hands on the town clock in downtown Hagerstown in the square?"

"I want to congratulate the Williamsport Elementary School Destination Imagination Team for coming in fourth place out of the 22 teams they competed against at the Maryland state finals. They did a wonderful job and they are going to go all the way next year. Congratulations!"

"I would like Glendening and Clinton to punish criminals and not innocent gun owners."

"Based on the old saying, 'you can lead a horse to water, but cannot make him or her drink", what makes Gov. Glendening or President Clinton think that people will use the gun locks provided with every handgun?"

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