Deputies get pay raise

April 11, 2000|By SCOTT BUTKI

With 10 Washington County Sheriff's Department employees in the audience, the County Commissioners Tuesday unanimously agreed to raise the pay of 67 patrol deputies by 8 percent.

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The raise, which will cost the county about $171,000, means the deputies would get 5 percent more than the 3 percent salary increase budgeted for county employees. Raises would be effective July 1.

The raise will boost the pay of the average patrol deputy by about $2,566 a year, Human Resources Director Alan J. Davis said. Average salary is about $32,075, he said.

County Administrator Rodney Shoop said money in the Sheriff's Department budget this year will fund the raises.

Commissioner Bert L. Iseminger said he has received more calls urging a pay hike for sworn personnel than on any county issue.


Sheriff Charles Mades urged the commissioners to give the deputies a pay hike, warning that if the salaries weren't raised the county could lose deputies to other agencies.

"I think this decides the future and the fate of public safety in Washington County," Mades said.

Several of the Sheriff's Department employees spoke during the budget discussion.

Shoop said the county has lost two deputies to other jurisdictions in the last year due to the county's pay level.

Mades, in response to a question by Commissioner John L. Schnebly, said that next year he will ask for a pay hike for officers who staff the detention center.

Detective Pete Lazich, who said his annual salary is about $33,500, asked aloud why he should remain a county employee when he could make $2,500 more in Frederick County.

"At what point am I going to say, 'enough is enough?'"

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