Mail Call for 4/11

April 11, 2000

"I am calling about the bus driver that drives the bus for Doub Elementary. I want to commend this driver on how well she takes care of the children and she has a handicapped child that goes on the bus. She has to stop the bus every day, get out in all types of weather to put that child on the bus. Yet she can still maintain control over the other students on the bus. Every time there is a problem, she has always been on top of it. She is in contact with the principal and talks to the parents. She is doing a great job and I wish the other drivers would be considerate and involved with their students on the bus."

"I think you should have a section in the paper for people to call in with suggestions on what to do with the YMCA, the stadium, the empty buildings and what to put there. I think you should get the public's opinion on all this. I think it would be worthwhile."


"After we get this confederate flag situation resolved, then we will go to the plantation homes."

"I have been riding buses for about nine years now. The driver I have now is totally unfair. Ever since the parents complained about how late she has been picking us up every morning, she has had this attitude, it is not our fault that we are getting to school late. She used to be so nice. Now she punishes everyone on the bus, instead of the ones who are causing the trouble."

"I was reading about them wanting to raise taxes because they don't have enough money. Well, it's like this, this make the third study on a good place, a good location, is it going to draw money or whatever for a ball stadium. Take those three studies you did and there is a million wasted. Who needs three surveys on whether or not it is going to draw people or not. Were you watching that movie 'Field of Dreams?' What about all of these new homes going up? I have counted 80 brand new county homes. You are going to get money from that this year. I think you are going to raise taxes before your revenue comes in. Wait until the revenue comes in. You are jumping the gun. That is what got you in trouble before. Don't jump the gun."

"All the people complaining about the E. Russell Hicks bus driver who makes each child sit in their own seat. Maybe your child should ride my child's bus, where there is three to a seat, even on the two-seater side. Then a few more sit on the floor."

"I took my car to the emissions place to get tested. I am so sorry that the person's engine blew up. The first thing I said to them, was why do they spin my tires so fast. What are you going to do if a tire falls off, who is going to fix it? They said, 'We only do what the governor tells us to do.' I asked them if that is what they made the glass booths for, so if something flies off, we won't get hurt? She said yes, then we couldn't sue them, but they are not going to let that happen. This is why I think that this emissions is just a bunch of stuff."

"With Little League starting on Saturday with Opening Day, parents should remember to watch how they act at games. Remember, the games are for the kids, not for the parents and coaches. If you are going to yell, let it be encouragement and not discouraging words that the players hear. Let the kids have fun and play ball!"

"We would like to thank our substitute teacher we had at Boonsboro Middle School this week. Not only did he teach the lesson plan well, but we were able to have quality time when we were done with our work. Thank you Mr. M. We hope to see you again soon."

"About a week or so ago there was a picture in the paper of the Smoky Valley Ramblers Blue Grass Group. I happen to have a copy of the CD someone gave me. It is the best music I have ever heard. Does anyone know of a phone number that I can call to get another CD or a cassette?"

"When it is raining, you are supposed to have your headlights on. It is the law. Another thing, the people who pull onto the interstate and ignore the YIELD signs, it means give in to the people coming down the road, we don't have to move over, it is just courtesy that we do. I think the cops need to get out on the roads a little more often to catch these speeders in Maryland. Especially the out- of-town cars."

"I am glad that there are other people calling in about the school bus problems. I do understand that children have to be disciplined, but the bus that is going to E. Russell Hicks from a certain development, does not cross over where there are any trains. To make everyone sit perfectly still and face forward, talk in a whisper, is not what I consider discipline after three months. Another driver called in and said that they think this is extreme punishment and it is funny that this is the only driver doing this and I think something should be checked into right away. How come she is getting away with it?"

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