Mail Call for 4/7

April 07, 2000

"I am calling regarding the Census forms. They want the filled out so bad, but you don't get one and they keep saying that they are going to send you one. I have called since March 15 and I have not received one yet. I told them that I am disabled and I can't get around to the sites. I called them again and they told me that they would send me one in two weeks. I have not received it yet. I am not wasting my time anymore."

"Happy birthday Heather, 16 years ago, I held my baby girl for the first time. So many emotions went through me, kind of nervous, kind of scared, kind of unsure about the future. Today you stand on the edge of adulthood, feeling the same emotions I felt so many years ago. It is a big world with so many choices, so many roads to journey down. You will stumble, you will fall and you will make mistakes, but that is called life. There is one thing you can always depend on and that is the love of your mom and dad. We will always be there through the ups and downs, the good and bad, but you will always be the sparkle in your mom's eyes and daddy's little girl. We love you, love mom and dad."


"I am calling about the lady who has the Betty Crocker Catalog Coupons. I would like to get some of them, my mom and my wife are trying to get some. You can reach me at 301-745-3353, anytime, I have an answering machine. Leave your name and number and an address where I can get in touch with you."

"I would like to know why the long form of the Census ask confidential information about your tax bills, your wages, your utility bills and things like that. I was wondering if there is a penalty for the people who don't fill out those confidential questions? I don't have a problem filling out the ones that ask what schools we go to and things like that, but we do have a problem answering the confidential ones."

"I am calling about the emissions test. I took my car there and they took it through twice and my motor blew up. I think they should pay for this. Someone please look into this."

"I want the medical lab down in Boonsboro to get another doctor down there. They don't have enough doctors for the old ladies."

"Washington County does not need more growth. Even Smart Growth. In fact, it would be smart to control growth vigorously. We do not want gridlock and it seems like we are approaching this rapidly. Once our farmland is covered over with tar and asphalt, what do we do then for food and water?"

"I am so glad that the students called in about that bus driver. I am a bus driver too, but this makes me feel bad because I am not that bus driver. So what you do is call that bus number into the Board of Education, just the bus number, that is all you need. This will be straightened because I don't think this is allowed. It doesn't go on, on my bus. The better you are to the children, the better they will listen to you. I know."

"To the person who complained about the basketball games on Channel 9, I just wanted to let that person know that basketball is completely over and they won't have to worry about that anymore."

"Well the people who want to know why the children are disciplined on the bus. It is because the driver has to be able to hear the train whistles, horns and she has to pay attention to the road, rather than have so much confusion on the bus with the children. The children should be disciplined, just the way she is doing it."

"I want to thank the person who put in the phone number for CBS. I was able to call them and thank them for the coverage on a College Basketball Tournament. From the tip off to the final championship game. It was an exciting tournament. It was a big improvement for the other things that are usually on."

"I would like to know why 95 percent of the cab drivers have to double park. There could be a parking spot right there, but they still double park. Hold up traffic, the city police want to cut down on the cruisers and start giving them tickets."

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