thumbs up, thumbs down

April 07, 2000

Thumbs up!To the anonymous donor who gave Wilson College a $1 million endowment, with the provision that the proceeds be spent only by the college librarian to acquire reading materials.

Thumbs up!To the Hagerstown Suns minor league baseball team officials, for their willingness to extend the Friday, April 7 deadline for having a financing plan for a new stadium and railroad museum in place.

Thumbs down!To Judge Michael Gassett of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who refused to reduce the sentence of a man who was mistakenly released from jail, then came back to the courthouse to tell the judge about the mistake.

Thumbs up!To Michael Largent of Baker Heights, W. Va., who discovered a fire in the apartment complex where he lived, then went into the complex, knocking on doors to make people sure knew about the danger and got out of the burning structure.


Thumbs up!To the Academic Team from St. Maria Goretti, for winning top honors for the second time in a countywide competition modeled after the long-running TV show, "It's Academic."

Thumbs up!To the Maryland General Assembly, for adding a penalty to the law governing attendance at child-support conferences. Now if one party fails to show, judges can order that person to come before the court and explain their absence.

Thumbs up!To the eight Washington County students whose knowledge of geography won them a spot in the National Geography Bee. May you advance to the nationals on May 23 and 24.

Thumbs up!To Washington County Commissioners John Schnebly and William Wivell, for questioning why two neighboring fire/rescue companies should each purchase a $30,000 "jaws of life" apparatus to extract trapped victims from wrecked vehicles.

Thumbs up!To Washington County Commissioner Paul Swartz, for his proposal to exempt those over 65 from any tax hikes passed to balance the county's budget. They've done plenty already.

Thumbs up!To H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest, for his gift of $35 million to the Mercersburg Academy. Lenfest, an alumni who says the academy built his character, gave the money for scholarships, teacher pay and new campus buildings.

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