Dog wanted for park duty

April 05, 2000|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

WANTED - Trained border collie wanted to chase geese at City Park. Pay negotiable.

The City of Hagerstown is looking for a border collie and handler who are trained to work with waterfowl. The dog and trainer would take on the task of chasing hundreds of Canadian geese around and hopefully away from the City Park.

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City Public Works Manager Doug Stull said the approximately 300 geese living in the park create an "unsanitary situation."

"There's no turf left and feces all around," he said.

Stull said the hope is that a trained dog could prompt hundreds of geese to move out of the park. He said he would be happy if the park's goose population was about 100.

Stull says he needs the dog before the geese begin nesting around May or June. He said once the birds nest they won't leave.


Most border collies trained for this work are owned by kennel clubs, he said.

Stull said border collies have been successfully used to chase away geese in other areas, including Columbia, Md.

The border collie is a breed that works best around people and geese, and is the only breed he knows of that does this kind of work, Stull said.

Stull didn't know how much the city would pay for the service.

For more information, contact Stull at 301-739-8577, extension 180.

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