Mail Call for 4/4

April 04, 2000

"I want to know what you can use to get dents out of the carpet when you move furniture?"

"This is from a former coach in the Hagerstown Junior Basketball League. I would like to say Thumbs Up to Mike Sirbaugh and the Sports Department at The Daily Mail for a great coverage of the Hagerstown Junior Basketball League this year. All of the kids love to see the results of their games in the paper and they also look forward to seeing their names. This also shows that there are a lot of determined kids out there that are doing the right things. This helps to promote that and I would just like to say thank you."

"Another Wal-Mart store is needed like a hole in the head. Forget it. WWMD, good music, keep it up. Why do the taxi cabs have the front seat pushed back so far? There is hardly any leg room for the passengers in the back."


"I have a concern, on March 25, I was going to work at 4 a.m. and there was an accident on Rohrersville Road in the Boonsboro area. When I got off work, I went to the new fire department down there and asked them how those people were and they said they didn't handle the call. I don't understand this, they are like three miles away. Why didn't they take the call?"

"Concerning the four days of school that were granted by the state due to bad weather, I think Washington County should take another look at their calendars. A lot of people have vacations early in June and we need to know how to space our time out. They don't know when it is going to be over. The kids don't do anything that late in June anyhow. Get with it Washington County and let us know what is going on."

"In response to the person looking for a doctor in Hagerstown who knows how to treat Post Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, call Dr. Pierre Asmar at Robinwood Medical Center in the Women's Health Center. He is very good. He has a very high success rate. He is only there on Tuesdays. I highly recommend him. He is very compassionate and if you can be helped, he will help you."

"I enjoyed watching the Washington County Junior Basketball League All-Star games on Channel 65 over the weekend. The All-Star players all played with a lot of enthusiasm. I also would like to thank the businesses that sponsored this event and the cable company for putting these games on TV. They were fun to watch."

"I was at the Goodwill yesterday and all of the clothes there is all given to them for nothing, but the prices they ask for some of the stuff is outrageous. You can go to some stores and they are a lot cheaper for the same thing. If they lower the prices, a lot more people would buy from them."

"Its OK to put the deeds in the paper, but why put the price in there of what people give for a home? I think they should leave that out of there, people are nosy enough."

"To the person who said that they tried unsuccessfully for three weeks to get an address and envelope to mail back the Census. I was in the same boat, done as much calling as you did and finally I was successful, I called the Alexander House and they give me the name and address where you send the form to, but you have to buy the entire envelope for 34 cents."

"Maryland - land of smart growth, smart guns, dumb Governor and dumb Lt. Governor."

"You can forget 1-800-471-9424 for the Census. I called a total of five numbers and all are tied together with the same music."

"To the caller about the TV show 'Any Day Now.' The current TV guide says Sunday at 10 p.m. It will be on the Lifetime channel."

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