Letters to the Editor 4/4

April 03, 2000

Great chances for Hagerstown

To the editor:

What an exciting time for Hagerstown and Washington County!

A new university. An innovative Civil War Museum. An attractive arts and entertainment district. An exciting sports complex. A museum to herald our distinctive railroad history.

These projects, combined, represent $80 million in new investments in our community - $80 million! To give proper perspective, that's equivalent to the Prime Outlets development.

Each project brings new opportunities. Each project enhances our economy. Each project champions our unique attributes. Each project rewards our quality of life.


None of these projects "just happen." Dozens and dozens of people who care about our community and its future have invested hundreds of hours in the thoughtful development of each project. Our elected officials, at the city, count, and state levels, and our business leaders, are exploring and generating creative ways to launch us into the 21st century.

It's easy to be a skeptic; it's hard to be a visionary. Skeptics complain and say it can't be done; visionaries explain and show you how you can.

So much of our future is before our eyes. It's ours to grasp, or ours to lose. We are truly at a crossroads.

The direction is ours to choose.

Dennis E. Frye


God's rules for sex

To the editor:

I'm writing to address the article "Gay rights groups trying to block 'Dr. Laura' TV series." Now, I've never heard of this radio program, but I can agree with Dr. Laura's statements about homosexuality being a "biological error."

But it's more than that. Homosexuality is morally wrong. It's a sin in God's eyes, just like extramarital sex. The Bible tells us very directly not to defile our bodies in this way. God created sex to be good, if you do it according to his rules and standards, within the bounds of marriage.

I'm not standing up for this radio or TV show because I don't know anything about it. But I am standing up for God's absolute truth. Homosexuality isn't an "alternate lifestyle." It's a sinful one.

Talia N. Reyes


Munson plays politics

To the editor:

I was saddened to read recently that State Sen. Don Munson would cast his vote against childproof safety lock provisions contained in the firearm safety legislation working its way through the Maryland legislature.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if one of our "people's" representatives, once in a while did what was right instead of doing that which is politically expedient?

Guy Murray


Baldwin would be better as museum

To the editor:

The Baldwin House area would have been a wonderful place for the Civil War museum. Tear down the old building and build a new one.

The university would be better located near the interstates because many students will drive here from other states. In the future they will go to college in the daytime not just at night and there will be traffic jams with 1,000 students driving downtown to try to park. There may only be a few hundred students to start but I know it will grow and be more and there is no room for expansion downtown.

Maybe the Baldwin House will be too expensive to renovate with its lead paint and asbestos. It has to be made safe for young students. I hope the right thing is done for our town.

Downtown wants business but now a lot will have to move out on South Potomac Street and Antietam Street to make room for the museum.

James Everett


Tell the governor we don't want his university

To the editor:

I hate blackmail. That's the only world for Gov. Glendening's threat to eliminate the funds for the proposed college if the delegates persist in requesting a review of the proposed site instead of blindly accepting his imperious decision for the college location in the Baldwin complex.

I think we taxpayers of Washington County must ask ourselves if we really want to have anything to do with this project that's doomed to failure from the start? Why settle for a night school which is all the current plan offers? Surely there is something better and more economically viable for downtown Hagerstown.

What we really need is a full-time day college that will meet the needs not only of our own children but which will also be a part of a package aimed at attracting new high tech businesses to our area.

Let's tell the governor to take his plan to some other county! Tell him to come back to Washington County when he is prepared to give us what we want and let us decide where we want to put it.

Donald R. Currier


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