Hagerstown budget highlights

April 01, 2000

Highlights of proposed Hagerstown budget


* No property tax increase.



* One new officer.

* $15,000 for a portable speed display unit.

* $30,000 to buy cameras to be installed at four city intersections.


* One new firefighter.




* 3.5 percent rate increase.

* $1.4 million in improvements for the R.C. Willson Water Treatment Plant.



* 3 percent rate increase.

* $1.3 million in improvements for the city's water pollution control plant.


Light Department

* $250,000 for the relocation of the Park Substation to Frederick Street.

* $400,000 for site work at the Jones Substation at Fairgrounds Park.



* $2 to $4 increases in monthly parking permits for the city-owned parking deck and parking lots.

* $2 to $5 increases to some parking fines.



* Two new part-time public works employees who would be assigned to clean up downtown.

* $145,000 to start land acquisitions and some improvements for parking in downtown's southwest quadrant, which is the area around the new district court building.

* $440,000 for alley widening and pedestrian improvements for the southwest quadrant of downtown.

* $100,000 for pedestrian streetlights for two blocks of West Franklin Street.


Municipal Stadium

* $108,402 subsidy, includes capital improvements.


New stadium

* $120,000 to pay for a portion of preliminary studies, including architectural, engineering, design and traffic studies.


Municipal Golf Course

* A 75-cent increase to all daily greens fees.

* Individual year passes increase $35, from $165 to $200.

* Family year passes increase $55, from $275 to $330.

* Six-month passes discontinued.

* $54,516 subsidy.


Potterfield Pool

* 25-cent increase to daily rates for students, adults and seniors.

* $160,801 subsidy, includes $38,000 for capital improvements, $30,000 of which would be funded with a state grant.


Ice rink

* $165,128 subsidy.


Fairgrounds Park

* $681,000, with $350,000 designated for construction of a central pavilion for the softball fields.

* $116,000 or stabilization and other improvements to the Fairgrounds entrance buildings.

* $100,000 for Hamilton Run Greenway Project, a trail that would connect the Fairgrounds, Pangborn and Funkhouser Parks, and Pangborn School.

Trash collection

* $2 increase to annual fee, which would become $84 a year.


* $58,220 for city primary and general elections.

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