Deadline passes for Martinsburg election

April 01, 2000|By DAVE McMILLION

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Martinsburg City Council member George Karos remained the only candidate for mayor when the deadline passed Friday for filing for the June 13 city election, said city recorder Sharon Flick.

Flick said it is possible she could receive applications through the mail next week. Filing applications could be mailed in, but they had to be postmarked by Friday, Flick said.

The only other way Karos could be challenged is through a write-in campaign, Flick said.

A write-in candidate would have to file an application with city hall, Flick said. But a write-in candidate would be identified only by a number on the ballot.

"They would really have to get their name out," Flick said.

Although no one is opposing Karos, there are races in Wards 1, 2, 4 and for the two at-large seats.

Christopher A. Baker, son of former city council member Mark Baker, is running against Merle B.I. Butts for the Ward 1 seat.


Mayor Earnest L. Sparks is running against Richard Yauger for the Ward 2 seat.

Roger Lewis of 518 W. Burke St. and Elizabeth Anne Keefe of 111 S. Raleigh St. are running against Oden L. Barrett for the Ward 4 seat.

There are six candidates for the two at-large council seats, including incumbent Donald Anderson, Stan Berman of 214 W. Martin Street, Michael Griffin of 474 Teneno Street, Charles Logan of 112 N. High St., Gregg M. Wachtel of 1401 W. King St. and Kimber White of 522 W. King St.

The second incumbent at-large council member is Karos.

Running unopposed are Max Parkinson in Ward 3 and Glenville Twigg in Ward 5.

The elected council members and mayor will begin four-year terms July 1, Flick said.

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