Mail Call for 3/31

March 31, 2000

"I buy stuff from girl scouts and I live in the west end. I was wondering if I could get some phone numbers from the girl scouts so I can buy some cookies and calendars and stuff. They don't come to my house anymore."

"This is a big thumbs up to the Washington County Roads Department. I called them on Monday about a very bad pot hole on our road and they were in the very next day to fix it. So I thank them very much."

"Governor Glendening seems to be representing only a portion of Maryland. I think it is time for his recall."

"To the E. Russell Hicks, seventh and eighth grade bands. Good luck, do your best, concentrate and be professional. This is the big one. Let's do it again eighth grade band, you done it last year. This is from the Band Boosters."

"I think Washington County Board of Education should follow Baltimore County and take the four days that was granted by the state due to weather. The kids don't do anything the last week of school anyway. Washington County, get on the ball and let the parents know when the last day of school is going to be."


"I wanted to say that it was great to see the red haired boy back at Tony's in Williamsport. I think his name is Mike. He adds a lot to the place."

"Thumbs down to whoever is responsible for canceling the Clear Spring JV Boys Baseball Team's regularly scheduled game for Wednesday. Just so the Varsity can make up a rained out game. I think it stinks, good luck at your next game guys."

"On the Census, I tried unsuccessfully for three weeks to get an address and an envelope to mail back my long form. No body has an address and no body has an envelope. I have called all 800 numbers and local numbers and no body can help me. My long form came not enclosed in an envelope. No address on this form at all. I know people who haven't even gotten a form yet, they live in apartment buildings. I guess I will have to wait for the census taker to come, if they even show up. I don't know what to do, I have tried over and over and over again. Hours spent on the phone."

"I was wondering if anyone else knows about the scam that is going on at McDonald's? In the value meals, you pay for them and you have to get a drink and the drink is extra. Even if you don't want the drink, you still have to pay for the drink."

"It takes one fired, crooked, ex-police chief to hire another one. Smithsburg, that old saying goes: 'The grass looks greener on the other side, but it never is.' Mayor Myers was great."

"I would never let kids come in my yard and play with my kids anymore. This boy broke his arm and now I am being sued. Now that is what your neighbors would do to you if you let their kids come over on your property."

"Does anyone know what happened to she show called, 'Any Day Now' that came on Lifetime Channel on Sunday nights at 10 p.m.?"

"For the woman in Cross Creek who has so much time on her hands to sit around and watch all school buses. If your driving record is so great, please come to the Board of Education. We need wonderful, perfect people like you."

"Are there any doctors in Hagerstown that knows how to treat PCOS?"

"Can anyone tell me how the Double T Lounge building in downtown Hagerstown is worth $275,000 and why the city is loaning $140,000 interest rate for the purchase of this?"

"This thing of wanting to reduce the gas tax to lower the price of gas is dumb, dumb and dumber. Come on you people, wise up please."

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