Letters to the Editor 3/30

March 30, 2000

Many will pay

To the editor:

In answer to David D. Pool and his article in the Opinion Page March 13.

First of all I do not hate the homosexual no matter how perverted and twisted they are. As a Bible Christian I cannot hate them or any other faction like the KKK or any such deceived and misled group. We are taught by God's word to love their soul and yours too, Mr. Pool, if you are one of these.

We do not love their sin as the Bible teaches us but we do care about their after-death destination and final abode. You too, can have eternal life but you must want it. God will not twist your arm to serve him and love him, you must be willing to comply, it's a gift but you must accept it.

If the gays demand rights, then every weirdo group would want rights and would result in total chaos. We are almost there by such perverted demands. The incarcerated want rights and it's already known in this area that the prisoners have more rights at the present than law-abiding guards who watch them.


They can get a college degree and sue you now. We need to change this at the voters booth! Freedom in America does not give you the right to do every sick, perverted thing you can think of. Oh no people, there's a judgment day and many will pay!

A. Snyder


Super to sucker

To the editor:

Donald Kaul states that gas prices are higher because people are driving bigger cars that get less gas mileage and not mainly due to the "Bandits Inc." reducing production. He further states "gas prices are still fairly cheap and that we are accustomed to gas prices that adjusted for inflation, is very nearly free." What inflation Mr. Kaul? The news reports from the White House is that there is a very low inflation.

Furthermore, he states the low gas prices are more an evil than a blessing and suggests ways to remedy this evil.

Example: He says cancel TV and save the monthly charge to buy gas. Well I can certainly do without the mainstream network channels as they attempt to make news and not report it. But Discovery, History, C-span, HGTV and A&E have worthwhile and informative programming.

His next suggestion is for people to take a bus or train to work. How arrogant of Kaul. He probably does free lance writing from a home office! And the suggestion for people to walk to work can only be done if one lives within a certain distance of the work place. Not very likely these days.

Then he suggests people sell their "truck-like gas guzzling vehicle" to save gas. I assume he means families should have cars the size of the VW bug? Last I heard this is the land of free choice.

My view may seem extreme, but I propose a change in foreign policy that would withdraw American troops and withhold aid money to oil producing nations since they seem to jerk us around like puppets on a string. We are fast losing "super power" status to "sucker nation."

D. Archer


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