Blast from the Past

March 29, 2000

Week of March 26, 1950

When and where did the custom of hiding colored eggs at Easter for children to hunt start here in Washington County?

History gives full credit to early settlers of Funkstown, who brought the custom from Germany sometime near the closing years of the 18th century. The colored eggs were hidden in the garden to induce children to believe that rabbits had laid them.

Five East End youngsters caught five snakes this morning along Marsh Run where it runs through the Hagerstown Golf Course. Two of the reptiles were poisonous copperheads, and the others were harmless watersnakes.


"Television receiving sets are being installed so fast in Washington County that we stopped counting them long ago," W.H. Needy of Lincoln Electrical Co. told us this week.

"I'm just one dealer, and I've installed well over 500 sets, all within a three-year period.

Week of March 26, 1975

An early morning fire Saturday gutted an upstairs meeting room in the Hagerstown YMCA. According to fire officials, the fire was started by "spontaneous ignition" in a craft storage room where various combustible materials were kept for YMCA activities.

Despite the barrage of medical reports linking cigarettes with heart disease and other illnesses, Washington County residents are puffing away at a near-record rate.

Cigarette sales in the county in the past year came to about 15,363,000 packs. In terms of the local population over age 18, this was equal to 219 packs per person.

The huge steam locomotive that will pull the American Freedom Train rumbled into Hagerstown Tuesday evening, giving local rail buffs a sneak preview of its Bicentennial excursion around the nation.

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