Mayor makes amends

March 23, 2000|By JULIE E. GREENE

Hagerstown Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II apologized Tuesday night for remarks critical of State Sen. Don Munson.

"I offer my apologies to those citizens who felt that my comments were disrespectful to Sen. Munson. Again, that was never my intention," said Bruchey, reading from a written statement at the end of the Mayor and City Council's Tuesday work session.

During his State of the City address on March 14 Bruchey said Munson, R-Washington, had to change his attitude about locating a University System of Maryland education center in downtown Hagerstown in order for the project to succeed.

Bruchey said a plan was needed as well as money.

"And to get the money you have to shut Munson up," said Bruchey.

Munson, who was in Annapolis at the time, said he has supported the downtown location ever since Gov. Parris Glendening voiced his support for the downtown Baldwin House complex late last year.


"Sen. Munson must be commended on his tireless effort to see an extended educational facility located in Washington County. Sen. Munson has been and will continue to be one of Washington County's greatest assets," Bruchey said Tuesday.

"His continued commitment to the constituents of this county is unparalleled. My respect for Sen. Munson has not diminished one iota because of our difference in opinions," Bruchey said.

"Although my comments last week might be considered rude toward Sen. Munson, I can only offer that this comment came from frustration and fear," Bruchey said.

Bruchey thanked Munson, who was not at the meeting, for his quick response to Bruchey's concerns about the education center.

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