Mail Call for 3/20

March 20, 2000

"In response to the caller about the high cost of Prilosec, 20 mg, 30-day supply. I suggest that they contact the CVS Pharmacies. I too am taking this medication, with excellent results without paying near the price this caller quoted. I do agree with the caller about the high cost of medical and prescription care. To whom do we call and complain and get results?"

"Mayor Bruchey, you owe Don Munson an apology. He is one of the nicest gentlemen around."

"My husband and I were in the Lowe's store the other day. We weren't sure what we were looking for but along came this little dark-haired young lady with a big smile. She asked us if she could help us find something. She certainly did, if it is in that store, she could find it. She was so sweet and helpful. Her name tag said Terri. We wanted to thank her again for being so nice to older people."


"I am calling about a young lady named Sharon who works for the Senior Citizens. She is the best thing that ever happened to the Alexander House and the senior citizens. Everybody loves her. She works hard and she is a good person."

"Found on Resh Road - a child's large-sized book with their first name and a note on a page inside. If you can identify the book and the name, please call 301-739-8946."

"I am calling about a pharmacist that works in the downtown named Tom. I just wanted him to know that the senior citizens are very glad he is there. He explains our medicines. He is very fair with us. I think he keeps us alive, including me. Thanks, Tom."

"Whose idea was it to put up a brown directional signs that cannot be read ahead of time? The only ones you can see are the bright green ones."

"Can anyone explain why so many of the television commercials are now shown with the green or brown background?"

"Mr. Blenckstone, goodbye!"

"I am calling about Don Munson. Hey Don, keep up the good work and pay no attention to what Mayor Bruchey says. Who does he think he is? You have done more for Hagerstown than anyone ever will. I love the way you work and keep on doing the good work. We all love you."

"Are we to believe that Sen. Middleton from Charles County really cares about what happens in Hagerstown or the location of the University of Maryland Center? Sen. Munson has resorted to sleight of hand tactics by 'arranging' that the location question be bottled up in committee for the only apparent purpose of killing the downtown location, regardless of the costs to our community. In the past, Munson has taken the high road by saying he was elected to make decisions for us, a position which I respect. This back-door tactic risks killing the project while reducing him to a level of a petty politician, who makes things happen without accepting the responsibility. Sen. Munson, you have created this mess and you can fix it if you want. During the next election, you will be held responsible and accountable if we lose this great opportunity. At least take a clear position by saying you don't support what the governor wants to do or that you will fight to support keeping the project on track and then take whatever actions needed to make it happen. We are waiting and watching."

"I am calling in response to the person who called in about the Census 2000 form and if they do have to fill it out. Yes, I am a Census employee and it is a mandatory survey and you do have to fill it out. My suggestion to you is to utilize the 800 number that is on all the information packets that were mailed out. If you have any questions, they can help you with that. It is to your benefit to respond. It is there to help you as a citizen of the United States."

"I see that the owner of the Hagerstown Suns is blackmailing the city of Hagerstown again. Why don't they just let him move his little ball team out of town and save all that money? Then we can put in a skating rink or bowling alley."

"To the person who said they just bought a carton of cigarettes, a case of beer, and a tank of gas and his paycheck is gone. It should be gone. You didn't need the beer and you didn't need the cigarettes and you needed the gas to go to work to make a paycheck to buy it all over again. It should be gone, gone, gone."

"To the man who said about the case of beer and the carton of cigarettes and had no paycheck left. Well you can give up the booze and the cigarettes."

"I want to know how many people have to be killed or injured before they take the air bags out of the cars."

"I want to remember my pap, Howard Moats, who passed away one year ago on St. Patrick's Day. He was the greatest grandfather anyone could ever had. Everyone extremely misses him. I wish you could be here to see, yet another great grandchild come into this world, come October. The family extremely misses him because he was the backbone of the family. He is very well missed."

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