Mail Call for 3/17

March 17, 2000

"I am calling about the lady who said her child support being changed in the review wage. I have been paying child support for the past eight years and I have had three review wages in a year. Every three months I have to go in for a review wage. It gets raised even if I am working or not working. I had one in January and March and I will probably have one in May."

"Happy 68th birthday to Alma Morrison. We all love you very much."

"To the ladies from Leitersburg who brought me the empty egg cartons, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I am calling about the person who called in and said about the police officer teaching the child to play pool and complaining about it. I think they were over dramatic about that. He was only bonding with the child for a few hours, I don't know how they can blow that out of proportion and say that the kid will grow up and hang out in a pool hall. I think they need to read about the bad stuff in the paper instead of making a big deal out of that. I thought it was something touching and caring."


"I am angry, how dare that Williamsport person tell us who lives in the east end of town that we don't need a Wal-mart. Of course, Williamsport doesn't need one, they are close to Valley Mall and I don't think they are going to be far from the new complex in the west end. We have no place in the east end to shop. Maybe that person doesn't need a new one, but we do and I hope it comes soon."

"I want to respond to the person who called in about the police officer playing pool with the child. They said they didn't think that it was a good place to educate a child. That person needs to get their facts straight, they don't know that police officer, he is a very good man and he is only interested in the children. Would you rather that child be out on the street buying drugs or selling drugs for someone? If that was your child, where would you rather have them be. You obviously don't live in that area. Keep up the good work mail call."

"I will make this brief. If this stadium isn't funded 100 percent by private money, then good-bye Mr. Blenckstone."

"To Mr. Wivell that wants to cut the spending for the traffic light at the intersection of Oak Ridge Drive and South Point Road. Maybe he needs to come over here in the morning when UPS, Fed EX, Roadway and all of those truck drivers are leaving their place of business. Traffic is so congested now that you can hardly get out. There are a lot of older people who live around here that aren't as quick to be able to get out. What do we have to do, get someone killed before they realize that we need a traffic control signal there. Be real, get your head out of the sand Mr. Commissioner, wake up and smell the roses."

"For the gentleman who complained about the price of Prilosec. Dr. Cremins out at Robinwood they have a program at no cost to you. Give him a call at 301-665-4585 or ask your present doctor."

"I wanted to let everyone know about the Trinity Lutheran Youth Yard Sale that will be held in the Long Meadow Shopping Center on April 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m."

"Good luck, Dolphins in Myrtle Beach, you will be cheered on by many of your fans. Sincerely, Brittany."

"I need a free puppy, that they are willing to give away, call 301-393-5799."

"I want to wish my big brother John Miller a happy 42nd birthday. Happy birthday John, ha ha I know you are only going to be 40, but I still think you are two years older than you are. Love your sister, Melissa."

"To the person who had problems with the deer eating their flowers. I had the same problem last year and I used human hair. You can get it at any beauty shop. I have not had problems since then. Do this whenever they first come up."

"The way to keep deer out of your garden, hang the white plastic milk cartons on the post around your garden. If they are really persistent, use thin nylon fishing line strung between the milk jugs so they rattle when they bump into them."

"For all senior citizens, if you want low cost prescriptions, call AARP at 1-800-456-2277, that is their pharmacy number. You don't have to be a member. They will send you your medicine and then you pay for it."

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