Mail Call for 3/15

March 15, 2000

"This is the country music fan trying to preserve real country, which is getting hard to do with people like the Dixie Chicks and all the junk that is on the radio now. The new George Strait and Alan Jackson song, "Murder on Music Row" is one of the best country songs that has come out in years. It explains the terrible mistake that is being made in country music today. The problem is, is that the young country music listeners don't know what country music is supposed to sound like. I think a lot of them think that it should sound more like Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys than George Jones or Merle Haggard. That is wrong and it is not supposed to be that way!"

"I am still loving and missing my Bill after 12 years. Love you, Kitty."

"We all hope that down in the southern part of the county, when they put the new developments in, that they will bring an IHOP or Popeye's. We need more chicken places in Hagerstown. We only have two of them, one on Sharpsburg Pike near the filling station and Kentucky Fried Chicken that I know of. There are other places to go in and eat chicken, but it isn't really for the younger generation. We would like to have something like that."


"I am calling about the buses from Hagerstown running line runs to the Charles Town Races at about two a week. I would like more information on these local runs. Please put the information in Mail Call."

"I have been seeing in Mail Call about how to keep rabbits out of your flower gardens. I want to know how to keep deer out of flowers; tulips, crocuses and all that. They destroy them clear down to the bulbs and then they never bloom. Please let me know."

"Do you want to know a good way to help stop domestic violence? Here's a good suggestion, don't get involved."

"Why can't the afternoon paper print the same sports or at least some of the sports that The Morning Herald prints? There is absolutely nothing in the paper today about NASCAR auto racing other than who finished where or what happened. You have to buy two of the papers to get no news at all and you don't seem to want to print anything."

"I want to wish my big brother, Jesse Mills, a happy birthday, from Bradley."

"I want to kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes. Hold on, Mail Call readers. I am a bird watcher, not a stone thrower. Happy birthday to Vivian Morris, Wayne Morris and Melanie Morris, you are going to celebrate your birthdays soon, a very happy birthday to my special cousins with love. Also a belated birthday to Gary Morris. We all read and enjoy Mail Call."

"I am a working lady, a mother of two teenagers. I have been waiting on a child support increase since 1991. In fact, I have never had one. My ex has never had a review of his wages. Through the courts, it is ordered for him to be reviewed once a year, through Social Services. But still we wait. I have been on hold with Social Services for nine years. Tracking down deadbeat parents takes up so much of their time, existing cases are put on hold, like mine. My children deserve and need an increase and we continue to wait our turn. I think nine years is long enough. I am losing my patience. This isn't a man vs. woman thing with Social Services, it is simply the system making it bad for all of us. If I don't get an increase within the next two years, my oldest will turn 18, therefore we would have waited all this time for nothing. My oldest would have missed the boat altogether, how unfortunate. So please drop the man vs. woman thing. Remember it is the children who are suffering through this unfair process."

"I am looking for information on the girls softball tryouts. It was supposed to be this weekend. Anyone with information can call me at 301-791-2242."

"I wanted to comment on Mark Keller's excellent editorial in the Sunday Herald-Mail. It is really thought provoking. I think that the people who are opposed to the new stadium should read that. I think it is time that they start thinking about where we are going to make up the $4 million that the Suns are going to bring in revenue. It is time that we wake up and look at what we have and what we could lose."

"I want to compliment the Paramount school kids who helped raise $12,000 for the Jump Rope for Heart Fund. I think it was a wonderful thing."

"To the person who said they liked the big trees planted in their neighbors' yard. I hate those things. They are getting in my way. They are crossing my property line. Cut those things down."

"I would like to know where these 10- and 11-year-old kids walking around the streets of Maugansville are getting their cigarettes at? Are they getting them from the parents and do their parents know about it?"

"About a month ago, there was a recipe in the paper for baked corn pudding. If anyone has it, please call 301-739-2362."

"I really enjoyed Saturday's paper that we received. I liked the new format that you ran. It was really refreshing. This was really the way to run a well-established paper. It looked like the big city's paper."

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