Mail Call for 3/14

March 14, 2000

"Are there any consumer-friendly banks left? They all pay lip service to the customers and smile, but when we make a mistake, we pay for it through the nose. When they make a mistake, you are supposed to smile, shrug and accept it. What a double standard."

"Channel 25 had a program on Thursday, March 9, called, 'God, the Devil and Bob.' NBC stations all over the U.S. refused to show this program, but yet our Channel 25 showed it. It has God as a dirty drinking man sitting in a bar talking to Bob and the Devil. If it is politically wrong to speak out against blacks and homosexuals, then we are certainly against doing this to our God. People, if you would call into Channel 25 and talk to Program Director Chuck Lohman at 301-797-4400. As Christians, we must stand up and take action against such conduct as this."


"A set of keys was lost near Routzahn's, Sears, Bob Evans, Reliable Furniture or Laber's Furniture. I can identify, my number is 301-739-5711. Reward."

"There was a fire Tuesday night, after they called in the fire was out. The fire truck sat there at a red light, one turned and went through the light and the other went straight. Why should they be allowed to go through the red light? They are no better than anyone else. I know they did this because I saw them."

"I want to thank the city fathers for approving plans for the new Wal-Mart that is proposed on Dual Highway. I work in this area and you don't know how frustrating it is to go clear across town, either the Valley Mall, or the new Prime Outlets and even now where that new store is going. Everything that has to do with shopping is located on the other end of town and this will be a blessing for us. I don't have much time in between work and feeding the family, so thank you very much for all you do."

"I just read where two boys were charged for pulling a false alarm. I agree that they deserve what is coming to them. I was just wondering how a false alarm can cost $1,302 when the guys running the trucks are being paid for it anyway? I am not saying that what they did was right, but how can a false alarm cost that much? I really wish someone could explain this to me."

"If Hagerstown residents think that their mail is late, they should live in the southern end of Boonsboro."

"I just wanted to say how very pleased I am that we will be getting a store out here off Dual Highway, in the East End of town. We have had to drive across town for so long, thank you for thinking about us. We are all looking forward very much to being able to shop at our convenience where we have never been able to do before. Thank you."

"For the Democrat who said that the Congress and the Constitution make the laws. That just goes to show you that he doesn't know his Constitution. If he looks at what is going on in this world today, the Supreme Court sets the laws, not the Constitution. Nowadays, the Supreme Court overrules the Constitution. Who elects the Supreme Court justices? The president of the United States. Our elite president, Bill Clinton, is the one that elected them. Don't try to fool the people. You Democrats out there know who has the society messed up, it is not the Republicans."

"To the people complaining about the gas stations with no full service. If you go to Mary's in Williamsport they will pump your gas, check your oil, wash your windshield. If you want to park, you can go inside and check out the new convenience store and check out the new improved gun shop. It is like a small shopping center. If you want to know anything all you have to do is talk to Jean, Joel, Phil and Mr. Jack, he knows everything."

"If you want to try a good church, come to the Calvary Temple in Williamsport. There is a good preacher, Bobby Robinson. There is something for everyone. You will feel like a new person when you leave there. There is a lot more, just come and see. Sunday morning, 10 a.m. or Sunday night at 7 p.m."

"To the person who wrote about the intruder in Downsville, I don't believe that you know all the facts. There was a shooting, but not an intruder. The person with the gun was wrong. Please know all the facts before you judge someone."

"An intruder to me is someone who breaks into someone's home to harm someone. Not someone who is shot on a public road. Please know all the facts before running someone's name and family through the mud. Wake up, justice system."

"I think it is terrible for an old established company to lay off workers with no advanced notice. If you read this and you know who you are, you ought to be ashamed."

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