Thumbs up, thumbs down

March 10, 2000

Thumbs up!To Thomas Connolly and Danny DeVille, who entered a burning Hagerstown building and saved a 5-year-old boy. Connolly also performed CPR to get the boy breathing again.

Thumbs down!To the Maryland Senate's Capital Budget Subcommittee, for questioning the governor's selection of a downtown site for a new University of Maryland campus. As Del. Bob McKee said, the panel is playing with fire and jeopardizing the whole project.

Thumbs down!To the U.S. Education Department, which mistakenly told 39 students they'd won scholarships, and now wants to award them anyway, to avoid hurting their feelings, we suppose, at a cost of $975,000!

Thumbs down!To the West Virginia Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, for opposing a new law Charles Town passed to try to stop drug buyers from hanging around town. To ACLU: If this is the wrong answer, what's your solution?


Thumbs down!To the dim bulbs in Congress, who've proposed suspending the federal gas tax as an antidote to soaring gasoline prices. Why not encourage a little bit of conservation?

Thumbs up!To the Berkeley County, W.Va. officials in charge of address changes there, who'll finally get to send out their first batch of new addresses next week. The system is designed to speed fire/rescue response.

Thumbs up!To Franklin County, Pa., which managed to cut the amount of trash residents take to the landfill by 10,000 tons a year, despite the fact the county added 7,000 citizens since 1990.

Thumbs up!To Dave Whitmer, a Loudon County Va. planning commissioner, who came to Jefferson County, W.Va. and admitted that his area had erred on development issues. His message: Make sure developers pay their fair share.

Thumbs down!To the Maryland Senate's Judicial Proceedings Committee, for its unfavorable report on a bill that would have lowered the state's blood-alcohol limit from .10 to .08

? ? ?To Maryland Del. Joe Bartlett, who in early March said the Washington County board should handle its own debt issues, then decided this past week that the delegation may have given the county too much power over debt. Which is it?

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