Mail Call for 3/10

March 10, 2000

"Mail call viewers, why do you have to register to vote, I don't and the questionnaire for the Census 2000, I throw mine in the trash. Who cares if you vote or not, they already know what they are going to do."

"I want to thank Dina at the Washington County Free Library, she done an excellent job. I called one day to get a copy of a file and she had it the same day. So efficient, kind and caring. I really want to thank her, Thanks again Dina."

"We have a law in Washington County where you have to cover your trucks going into the dump. It is not being enforced and I think they should have a deputy in there every now and then to check out that 63 going to Broadfording Road. It looks like a junkyard. It is starting to look like a junkyard. Trash is blowing all over people's property. I watched on day a guy go by and trash fell off and he kept on going. We do have the law and the law should be enforced."


"I hope the UPS Company reads this. I want to know why an UPS truck can sit on Netz Road below Boonsboro from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. When my son has to run his legs off when he is working for UPS. I don't know how this can be. I want this looked into."

"To the person who is looking for a dentist, I suggest Dr. Sidney Cradduck, located out off of Eastern Boulevard. He is excellent, he is very gentle. No pain, it is a guarantee."

"To the Daily Mail, I just sat down on Wednesday evening. The whole page of A6 is nothing but advertisements, the whole page of A7 is nothing but advertisements and the whole page of A12 is nothing but advertisements. I haven't got any further. I think this is disgusting and I am going to quit getting the paper, it is nothing but advertisements. Who has the kind of money to go to these places. I think this is a disgrace, it is either advertisements or about cigarettes. The paper is going to the dogs."

"After reading Wednesday's paper, I was wondering if there is anything else in the world that the Democrats can be blamed for? They have been blamed for everything possible under the sun. Now they are being blamed for letting the two men go who done the stabbing. I don't know what is coming up next, but I am sure with Al Gore running for President the land blasting will start."

"I am calling because a kid found a Smithsburg Ring that said Chuck on it. It is a 1982 ring, he said he needed $25 and he was going to take it to a pawn shop. I had kids that graduated and I know how much a graduation ring means to them. I told him that I would give him the $25 and he said he would bring it back. I gave him $25 and he hasn't come back after the ring and I was wondering if the person that owns this would give me the $25 back. My number is 301-739-1837."

"I sure am glad to learn that Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush have won the nominations for President. Now I have a good reason NOT to go and vote."

"To the person who called in, who lives in the north end. Why don't you mind your own business and let Wally and the west end settle their own differences themselves. That is none of our business."

"If you are into flea markets, the Inner City Flea Market on Pennsylvania Avenue is great. Nice people to work with. You will always find something you need."

"I was supposed to go on a Las Vegas trip with C.W. Travel. I was sent a check for $65 from Rodney Miller. I paid $400, what is wrong with this picture?"

"I want to know what is wrong with the people in Smithsburg, they put up with Councilmen that do illegal things, but yet they are still trying to run the town. I cannot believe that we still have a councilmen still sitting there, that is trying to take care of our tax dollars after he done the things he done wrong. I am talking about Councilman Rohrer. Then in the paper, on Wednesday, it goes from bad to worse, I see where they hired a Police Chief and never done a background check. What is wrong with this administration? Smithsburg people you had better wake up."

"To the person who is looking for a dentist. I would think twice before I went to Dr. Garrott. I had Dr. Garrott and I had to have two root canals and it was his fault, but I had to suffer and pay for it."

"To the person who wanted to know where they can find scrapbooking materials. Howard's Art & Supply store on Dual Highway has a good selection. If you are willing to travel to Frederick, Michael's Art & Craft store by the Target Store, they have a great selection also."

"In reference to the person who said about the Child Enforcement Agency, not being able to get through. That is probably because the person that tried to call was a man. If you are a man, they put you on hold forever and ever. But if you are a woman, they put you right through. There is a lot of gender bias down there."

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